Rooting fig variety 143-36

tmc2009April 13, 2013

This variety seems easy to root. I had these leftover pieces of this variety so I threw them in a bin with moss. Everything rooted

Here is a link that might be useful: Rooting 143-36

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Interesting presentation. I do have 143-36 and am happy with its performance but don't remember how easy or difficult it was when rooting.
I have a couple of questions on your sphagnum moss use for rooting:
1. How wet should the sphagnum moss be?
Will dipping in water and gently sqeezing out water be enough?
2. Do you cover the shoes box air-tight?
3. Ambient temperature?

I am asking because I was not succesful with sphagnum moss last year.

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Sometimes I have quickly soaked the moss and squeezed out as much excess water I can. I have also just sprayed with a spray bottle the day before so the moss absorbs the water and then placed the cuttings in the shoe box. There is no water puddling in the shoe box. I keep the lid on but air out everyday for a couple of minutes and fluff up the moss and gauge whether I need to spray some more water in. The temp is around 72 F. I don't use a heat mat.

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