Blizzard Mock Orange

nutsaboutflowers(2b/3a)May 23, 2010

I can't believe I bought a shrub with the word blizzard in it !

Northspruce said she loved her mockorange with all her heart, so I bought one.

Does it have problems with aphids? How much sunlight does it actually like? I find information on the web sometimes contradicts what real people growing things in their yards say.

Google only had Pac Man for a day =:(

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

The one I had at my old house was planted at the northeast side, it got almost no direct sun and its new growth was spindly. It got attacked by aphids a lot. Still bloomed nicely. I have two in my current yard and they don't get aphids at all. Because they all came with the house I don't know what kind they are/were but they are hardy and double flowered and very smelly. I have NEVER had problems with hardiness but I'm pretty sure some Far Northers have had dieback or lost them.

This is planted at the southeast side, gets hot pm sun. It was just starting to bloom in this pic, it's nicer later. The left side is a spirea.

This is its little brother that I have been pruning into a lightbulb because it's next to the sidewalk. Not sure what to do with it.

This was the old house:

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Hi Northspruce.

Thanks for the pictures. I'm not sure why I didn't thank you last year =:)

Have you managed to keep the "little brother" small without any detrimental outcome?

When I planted mine, I had quite a bit more space until I planted my Purple Sensation Allium behind it and now that I love my allium with all my heart, I'm going to have a problem.

You're the one who told her husband she loved her mock orange with all her heart, right ?

Hee hee !

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Yes I am able to keep it small no problem. They bloom on the previous summer's growth so it's best if they're pruned right after flowering. The only problem with keeping it small is they don't get that nice cascading look. But as you can see, pruning makes them flower nicely.

I did tell my husband that, but I was lying. I actually love the dog with all my heart.

Oh BTW I need to stop driving past my old house, they removed that mock orange completely, and also my beautiful Harison's Yellow rosebush. I hope they were hurt severely in doing so. >:0(

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Oh BTW I noticed I made a mistake, it's on the southwest side of the house not the southeast.

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Ouch! I hope they hurt themselves, too. Who digs up a yellow rose bush and a flowering shrub?

Kinda makes a person want to give new owners your phone number and ask them to give you a call if they ever want to remove something. They could give you the choice to come and dig it up and take it home to a more caring owner, LOL !

BTW I could probably get away with letting part of the front of the mock orange cascade and just cut the back off to keep it away from the allium (?). Let's hope =:)

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