Please help me narrow down my choices for a couple of fig trees

greendesertApril 22, 2010

Need Quick answer if possible.

I'm planning to send a couple of fig trees to my sister's family near San Antonio tomorrow. I need help narrowing down what would be the best choices for that area. They have a ton of land so space is not a problem at all.

I checked out the website for Fanicks nursery which is local and I'm thinking of having someone pick up the trees there.

The choices are:










Personally I'm pretty sure I want to send them a Black misison fig just because I like them but then I don't know the difference between that and Blackjack... how do the two compare?

Then the second tree I want something different... maybe Brown Turkey, or Texas Everbearing, or one of the lighter colored ones. Any suggestions would be appreciated. And I need

Thanks folks

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Why not just order on mail and have them ship to your family member? Not sure why you are limiting your self to these.

I would choose Kadota, Alma, and Celeste from that list. You might also want to consider Atreano and Black Marseilles.

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If it is a couple of trees, I would pick a green & a dark color one like:

Green -- Hollier, Kadota, Atreano, Paradiso & Batalagia
Green, LSU Gold

Dark -- Negronne, Marseillies VS Black, Hardy Chicago EL,
Gino, Sal's (Gene), Dark Portuguese

Go mail order as suggested by Loslunasfarms & there are more options. Some reputable members sell their figs too.

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girlbug2(z9/10, Sunset zone 24)

FWIW: There is a rumor I read once, that Black Jack is just a sport of Black Mission. The main difference between the two is the growth of the trees, Black Jack being a more natural semidwarf, black mission eventually getting rather large as figs go. Or so I understand. My personal experience with Black Jacks and Black Missions is that the fruits look and taste exactly the same.

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Not trying to make your choice any harder but they do have a LSU Purple.

Their ( Fanicks ) fig trees are all good sizes, 3' or 4' tall and well branched. Except for the LSU Purple, It was in a quart size tube and was just starting.


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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

I've been to Fannick's nursery and bought figs from there. The blue giant is a tree found on their property years ago, it does well there. It is good but not the best tasting fig.
from the ones you listed, stay away from Brown Turkey, and blue giant. The others are tastier.
If you're looking for different and more unique varieties, let us know.


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