hester_2009January 29, 2012

Happy Sunday morning to are a few blooms

these broms I found in someone's trash - probably because they are very spikey but the color is incredible. The photo doesn't really do justice but the best I could do.

A nice boug in bloom

and I've posted this thunbergia before but I can't believe it just keeps going and going!

The rest of the garden looks a little sad - dry and yellow leaves but spring can't be too far away, I hope.

Thanks for looking,


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crueltyfre(Tampa 9a heat 10 sunset 26)

so pretty!

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Oh, Hester - all the pictured plants are so pretty! What are the cone-shaped blooms from?

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keep the pics 'em. i'm not just looking at the plant, but what else you got going there????...:)

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Hester, lovely pics as always. My garden is looking sad too, with a lot of yellowing leaves. Can't believe the lubbers are hatching already. :o(

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annafl(z9b/10a Sarasota)

Hester, those bromeliads are gorgeous. I can't believe that thurnbergia looks as gorgeous as it does almost year-round. It's a keeper. Mine is finally blooming pretty well, but I really planted it in the wrong spot. I've been thinking about going to 'your' nursery again sometime soon, but I don't know if I could find it! My yard is looking sad too so I need a plant fix. I also need to find a permanent spot for your lovely ginger and I severely cut back your morning glory bush. Miss seeing your yard. Maybe next month we could get together again.


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marcia_m(5 and 9)

Very nice, Hester. I enjoyed seeing your blooms. I wish I had mature trees to protect some of my plants from frost. I have a few blooms on my bottlebrush tree and a newly planted camellia has flowers. So I planted lantana, penta and verbena in a pot for some color--it makes me feel a little better :)

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Hi Anna!
Thanks for looking - I know, that thunbergia is crazy plus I've cut it back twice. almost time to do it again, as it gets a little ratty looking at the base.
Good thing you cut back the morning glory as it will return bigger and better soon - I've done the same with mine as the cold got to them.
The nursery is on Lockwood Ridge at about 49th st. I still go once a week at least and my last fix were 2 blooming, very fragrant buddelias for pots.
You are welcome here anytime although there are not many blooms this time of year as you know. But I always enjoy seeimg you!

Marcia - My bottlebrushes are not blooming yet - they start in March and I can't wait - it makes my front area look so great!
Like you, I need color this time of year which is why I love my pots of thai crown of thorns and geraniums.
You're right about big trees and protection - my side yard is shaded but out back where it's all open , there was lots of cold damage. My solution is just to not go out there!
Glad you liked the pics,

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