Yearly upkeep?

shw104(7)June 20, 2011

I planted day lilies 5 years ago. They seem to be growing very well, however, the last two years they have not gotten as many flowers. The lilies appear to be healthy and are slowly spreading. I have not fertilized them since they were planted. Should I be and if so, when and how much? Do I need to be doing anything else with them after years of growth? They are growing in various location in my mulch beds.

Thank you for the help.

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I an't tell you what you should do, but I fertizize mine as soon as the the leaves are up good and the plant has started growing each early spring with alfalfa meal. Then 3 to 4 weeks later, they get fish emulsion, Then a month or so later they get a Miracle Grow, and my last fertilization before bloom will be whatever I decide at the time. Here, They also require (and didn't get it soon enough or often enough) spray for thrips.Someone else will answer, and they are sure to have a totally different plan.


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Some varieties perform better if divided every three or four years - that is most common problem when it comes to blooming. Daylilies also bloom better in full sun or so I've read maybe true as I have some that are lush & green but not many blooms due to being in the shade. I don't fertilize as I used to do and I can see a difference. Gonna do better with this next year.

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