Walking/Moving Might be Hard Tomorrow ! =:)

nutsaboutflowers(2b/3a)May 16, 2010

I spent 4-1/2 hours or so today in the garden. Non-stop, except for 2 glasses of water. My Ipod played 53 songs.

Some of the things I did -- topdressed with compost, took a garden fork to my raised planter, planted geraniums, dianthus, and morning glories. I dug up some irises that haven't been touched for 5 years or more and hope I transplanted them properly. I dug two small pails of dandelions, watered the daylilies, swore at and sprayed water at a pigeon that wanted to poop in my yard I'm sure. I also fertilized a few things with fish emulsion. hmmm. I always read that it smelled to high heaven. Maybe it's because we lived on Vancouver Island for years, that the mild smell of fish seemed kind of nice, really =:)

I wonder if I'll be able to move tomorrow or if I'll ache all over....

Anyone else?

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You may be sore tomorrow but it will all be worth it later when you have a gorgeous garden. No matter how sore you get, you will head back out there tomorrow or the next day. We foliar feed with a fish emulsion fertilizer and it is strong. Sure don't want to have a barbeque after using it!

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

I mowed most of the lawn today (we have a lot of it) and planted 2 rose bushes, did some weeding, seeded some poppies, scarlet flax, soapwort, nasturtiums, annual asters, and cosmos, admired my SDB irises which are blooming, and cleaned up toddler revenge pee from my 2.5 year old who doesn't like Mommy playing with the flowers instead of her.

I am already sore and it's not even tomorrow yet!

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Marric - What type of fish emulsion do you use? Maybe mine isn't concentrated enough. I can sniff close to the bottle and it's not very fishy at all.

Northspruce - toddler revenge pee, that's hilarious, although I'm not sure it was to you. Outside I hope. Too bad she's not a boy, you could have caught him in the act and had him aim to fertilize something, or start a compost pile LOL !

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