Bloomerang Lilac

marricgardensMay 3, 2012

The local nursery is having a sale on them. Articles I've read about it says it is supposed to be hardy to Z3. A lilac that flowers for a few months sounds great, but is it to good to be true? Has anyone ever bought one of them? How did it do for you? Marg

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Oh Marg, just buy two, LOL !

I was tempted to buy one last year, but I still have a Sensation Lilac from a few years ago that hasn't been given a permanent spot. It's in a big pot.

I hope someone here has one of the Bloomerang, because I'd be curious, too, how it's doing.

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I put one in at the old house but sadly I moved before the next season.

Any of the smaller Korean lilacs, and any other meyeri you can find, may rebloom if the season is long enough. I have one in the front yard that blooms twice rather consistently, although the second bloom is much more sparse.

Being in zone 5, you should be fine.

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I'm in Z3 and it winters but I'm not all that crazy about it. I like the larger flowers even if it is only once. Did have a few flowers thru out the summer. In your zone I'm sure it will do better.And also here it is the survival of the fittest and it got very little care.

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Thanks for the info. I was concerned about the hardiness of the plant mainly because where we are we have lost a few trees because of the fierce winter winds we get here. We had planted 8 Crabapples in the field but now have only 4 left. The Maples are struggling but holding on. I've decided to plant the Bloomerang on the east side of the barn where they will be more sheltered from the winds. I did end up buying several to plant in a larger area. Marg

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You go girl !!

Several is even better than two =:)

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And as with all lilacs it seems, they can take forever to get established.

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

I like Bloomerang and had one about 4 feet tall at my old house (but had to leave it behind when I moved). So, I made sure I bought a new one last summer for the new house. Then, this spring I declared it dead (after the very nasty winter it had no signs of growth) and bought a new one. To my surprise my 'dead' bloomerang is growing from the base. Anyway, I usually find the first flush of bloom is quite plentiful like any lilac and then by early August it will rebloom, more just small clusters of flowers on the branch ends. Still, I find it kind of neat. Perhaps the larger the lilac gets the more ability to rebloom, since the blooms later in the summer are on new growth.

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I did buy several when they came on sale. I'm disappointed in them, after 3 years they are still only 1-1 1/2'. They spread alright but even the blooms are not that great. After this winter I did lose 3 of them.

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ostrich(3a AB)

I have had my Bloomerang for 2 years now, and I must say that I am pleased with its performance so far. I bought it as a small-ish plant during the end of season clearance 2 years ago. It was planted during summer so it really did not have a long period to settle in before winter came. It did just fine after the first winter and even bloomed and grew healthily. Then it did have recurrent blooms but they were rather sparse. I did not expect much as a first year shrub anyway. Then this year, despite our terrible and long winter, it came back just fine and is now full of lush green leaves and buds. In fact, there has been hardly any winter kill at all!

I forgot to say that it is in a western exposure area so it is not in the most protected area anyway.

Overall, I am pleased with its performance. I am not crazy about its smaller leaves but that has nothing to do with its performance! :-) OK, I am greedy - I wanted a small lilac shrub with the large lilac leaves.... NOT GONNA HAPPEN! LOL

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