Things that didn't make it...or did!

weeper_11(2b SK)May 19, 2010

I think most years there are one of these kind of threads. I'd like to hear from anyone who had losses, or ones that suprisingly made it.

Last year I put in a lot of new plants, and it didn't end up being a good fall for them. We got so much rain just before freeze-up, I was certain a bunch of plants had rotted out, and I think I was right.

NONE of my coneflowers are up. I don't know if they are dead, or just slow.

I have 2 Emily Carr roses and one Morden Blush. All of them look cane dead, but the Morden Blush is putting out sprouts from the ground. I sure hope my Emily Carr's do too, because I love them!!

My Josee lilac is showing no signs of life.:( It should at the very least be heavily budded right now, so I'm guessing it is dead.

My Black Lace elderberry looks dead. I'm surprised, too, because it came through with flying colors last year.

My Berlin Tiger iris rotted out. Not suprised about that.

None of my gaillardia's look alive. Not suprised either, since they prefer dryer weather. That rain last fall probably rotted them out.

Only a couple of my heucheras have sprouted. I guess they might just be late. Same with my Lady's Mantle. And my balloon flower.

I'm very surprised with the survival of my astilbe's, because they struggled weakly all last year. But they are all alive and well.

Some of my grasses haven't started coming up yet; I'm not sure if they are just late, or dead all together. My little bluestem haven't started yet, and neither has my bulbous oat grass.

I'm sure I'll have more to add later...

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All my lilies (About 60 ) made it. The one that suffered the most was my Catalpa tree but I noticed today it is budding on the trunk. A small columnar crab didn't but that is about it. I think I was lucky

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My maple is looking dead but it is still green under the bark so fingers crossed

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My Emily Carr has quite a few beautiful new leaves. Sorry yours didn't make it Weeper. I'm sure mine is the one that should be dead, as I never did get my roses planted. I just plunked the pots in a semi hole, sort of surrounded them with pieces of sod, and two out of three survived. The yellow rose died. ( I think )

I'm not surprised your gaillardia didn't make it. Mine never has in three years.

The Amur Maple tree that I planted in July and looked really really bad last fall survived and actually looks pretty good so far. I think the shot of iron I gave it a few weeks ago helped.

My variegated lilac is getting ready to bloom, so that makes me really happy.

The six creeping phlox I bought and just plunked into the ground in a corner, are really healthy and blooming profusely. I'm afraid to move them.

My weigela, in it's second year, looks pretty dead.

I have, after trying for two years, a nice little patch of daffodils.

The hosta I paid $21.00 for is mush. I'm still hoping there's something that's going to come up.

And last but not least, there's Johnny Jump Ups in the lawn again =:)

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

We had a bad winter too - not enough snow when we had cold temperatures, and then the same this spring - cold and no snow.

None of the rudbeckia has come back. Only a few of the normally hardy white phlox has come back. Many lilies are not showing up. Much of the rose Martin Frobisher is dead, and the same with Champlain, though it was late leafing out last year too. I haven't checked Topaz Jewel and some of the others lately, but they didn't look good. The 25 year old Nanking cherries seem to be mostly dead (one has no flowers while the other has a few). The purple leaf sandcherry has had it, i think. The new hydrangea i bought last year has no sign of life and the two euonymous that i've had for years are hardly leafing out yet.

Big sigh...

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I'm new here, so "hello" from Regina, SK. My purple leaf sandcherry is questionable, black lace is dead, weigela is just starting to sprout from the bottom and my climbing blaze rose is sprouting from the bottom as well. Also have a few junipers that didn't make it, as well as a Little Henry Sweetspire.
I'm new to gardening and a bit disappointed with the losses...I also have a few clematis that have yet to show signs of life, we'll wait a few more weeks and see...

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Pudge 2b

My Anthony Waterer and similar spireas are *almost* all dead. The odd one has one low branch leafing out with the rest of the wood dead.

Pinky Winky hydrangea appears dead, no green wood even low down. Limelight hydrangea, on the other hand, is leafing out with only a small amount of tip kill.

My purple leaf sandcherry has a couple of buds right at soil level, all top growth is dead.

Alternatively, the Mohican Viburnum is about to go into full bloom and it is covered with blossoms.

My Black Lace Elder also appears dead and it is in the most protected warm spot I have. The golden elder in the back yard, not so protected, looks wonderful with not even any tip kill.

Even with the +28 temps we've been enjoying the past few days, there is still plenty that has not yet shown up - the soil is still cool deep down. Lilies are just beginning to break thru, and none of the warm season grasses are showing any signs of growth yet.

I'll have to go look for my white phlox - I don't think I've seen that this year yet, either.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Hi and welcome, Fillagirl! :) You reminded me about my weigela - no sign of life on that one either.

Pudge, i don't have a black lace elder, though i'd like one. My golden elder is doing great, though! And the viburnum too (can't remember which one it is, but not triloubum as i had thought) - it's full of blossoms!

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weeper_11(2b SK)

Interesting the different hardiness in the black lace is in a very sheltered dice. My sutherland gold elder is on the least protected side of my house, and like yours, Pudge, it is fully leafed out already with no tip kill. I'm really disappointed about the black lace too, because she is a beauty.

One thing Pudge, is give black lace more time, because when mine leafed out from the base last year, it was really, really late, and then it absolutely exploded. I'm sure mine is dead, because all the bark has flaked off. :(

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At least 2 of the spireas didn't make it. These have been in my yard for that was a surprise.

A potentilla also didn't make it....shrug. I thought these were not possible to kill. lol

Pinky Winky hydrangea planted last year..toast.

3 roses...the canes were dead, but new growth from the roots. One rose....I think it was Champaign..a red explorer....dead.

A few bearded iris rhizomes soft and mushy.

Siberian iris dead and others with just one or two fans starting. Others are up a good 6 inches.

A few other perennials...that I am kind of shocked about, look dead, but I am waiting a little longer...hoping.

The 3 Amur maples planted last year...came through well...just a bit slow to leaf out.

The 3 Diablos ninebarks planted last year came through well...leafed right to the top.

The 3 golden elders planted last year...have die back but lots of new leaves and seems to be growing quickly.

The 3 large shubert cherry trees, came back and look better this year. Did prune them though to see if they will bush out a bit more.

The birch tree, came through very well. Lets hope it doesn't get leaf miner this year.

Oh and the little larch tree planted last year, came through well and seems to be growing quickly as well.

The crab apple and the apple trees, again planted last year. :) came through. However it looks like the apple has some sort of problem.

Emily Carr rose had dieback on the cane tops, but looks good other wise. The one that really surprised me was the ramblin red....a rugosa rose I think...came through 2 years now.


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Sierra, are you tired of digging holes yet?

I know we are, and we've only dug 12 holes in two years =:)

Just in case you don't mind unsolicited advice ( and you may already know this), to save you the headache of putting those trees on your dead list at some point......

The Amur Maples are prone to iron chlorosis, and those Schubert Chokecherries get that fungus (forget right at the moment the name of it) that looks like a dog pooped on your tree branches.

Sorry if you already knew this, but I sure wish someone had warned me what to watch out for.

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north53 Z1b MB(zone 1b Canada)

I have a few MIA perennials. An unusual one is Othello ligularia. All my other ligularia have been up for some time now. I'll be upset if I've lost that one. Also one of my daylilies hasn't come up. I think it's called Daring Deception. I've had it for years, and don't recall it being slow to come up before.
It looks as if my variegated iris died. And so far no sign of life on my soligago, Golden Baby.
All my lamb's ears died, but I'm sure lots of seeds will pop up to replace them.

My cistena cherry isn't showing a single bud at this time, not even near the ground. I can't believe it's dead! Can it be?

Pudge, I have a carex muskingumensis that isn't showing a single green leaf. And Blue Oat Grass isn't doing much either. Thankfully calamagrostis is alive.

But on a positive note, Ville de Lyon clematis is alive, and I think I might be seeing a tiny bit of growth on Jackmanii!

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I had a big mouse problem over winter (or whatever those rotten rodents were). They started in the fall stripping the bark off the bottom of my old nanking hedge, and killed most of it. During the winter they took out about half my cotoneasters, two apple trees - one of them 4" diameter, and a U of S cherry. We had a big storm in early December, and the drifts gave them great places to tunnel. I'm also missing quite a few lilies in one bed, and it had lots of mouse trails. On the good side, I think all my roses made it, but I should replace Adelaide Hoodless. She's over 20 years old, and seems to be going into decline. I haven't seen my baby's breath or galliardas yet, but a lot of things really popped with the heat this week - I think my rhubarb grew 8" - so I'm hopeful they might show signs of life soon. Other odds and ends are also MIA, but most of them are the sort of things that multiply madly so you can spread them around. I'll just take chunks off the surviving stuff and replace them. We've followed our +30 with some nice thundershowers, so things should grow like crazy now.


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Pudge 2b

Marie, your mention of Clematis sparked my feeble memory that a few days ago I was surprised to see growth on a couple of Clematis I planted last year. Surprised because I routinely kill any of the showy clematis I've ever planted.

So from now on I will kick out a hole in the soil with the heel of my boot, toss the clematis in, kick soil over the rootball with the toe of my boot, step on it to firm it in, and walk away while sending up a short prayer for rain. Cause that's pretty close to how they got planted last year and there they are now, growing :)

Oh, and I'm very happy to report that each and every dandelion survived.

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hykue(2b Saskatchewan)

I don't know if it was only beginner's luck or if I succeeded in making the hardiest of plant choices or what. Maybe the winter in Meadow Lake was an easy one? (I wasn't here to know). I lost my Black Hills hosta, and I still haven't seen any sign of the daffodils I planted a little late last fall, but that's it. I also don't have that many plants, which might be part of it.

All 12 of my new-last-year apples and crabapples survived, despite being severely munched by deer in our absence (and more importantly, the absence of our dog). Some of them look pretty pitiful, but they're all alive and leafing out (blooming in the case of Rescue!). The black-eyed susan that I thought was an annual and left bare-naked in the windswept corral is back up and looking very happy . . . also some pinks, and I only bought annual pinks last year? But I'm not complaining. Finally, one big surprise . . . there is a cherry in the yard. I checked it last spring right after we moved in, saw that it had been girdled about 6 inches above ground level, and proceeded to ignore it for the rest of the season. While I was doing other things, it apparently proceeded to produce a couple of 3-foot-long branches, which are now leafing out again. Am I ever oblivious! Anyway, I guess this year we'll get to see a little more about it.

I'm sorry to hear so many of you lost so many wonderful plants. It sounds like most of you had things that surprised you by doing well, too. So, Yay! And thanks for starting this thread, weeper. It's a great idea, and really helps out newbies like me with plant selection (as long as I don't look at pictures of the ones that didn't make it, that is.)

I think I have to go back outside now. There are butterflies at my lilac bushes!

I hope some the ones thought lost will surprise you all still.


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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

LOL @ Pudge's dandelions. Julie, annual dianthus usually winters for me at least once. The biannual stuff comes back perennially. Dianthus just loves my sandy soil I think.

I also lost a clematis, a fancy one called Royalty. My alpina has seeded at least 2 babies though.

For roses, a couple of my one-cane-wonders didn't make it; no surprise, they were half dead already last year. I lost Kordes Perfecta and Fragrant Cloud. I don't really get attached to HTs anymore. In the Grandma Memorial Garden*, Peace is still hanging in there, and my Winnipeg Parks planted last year came through great.

*The GMG is a garden where I have a Peace rose my late Grandma asked me to plant for her, an Agnes rugosa which was the name of my other Grandma, and a Wpg Parks planted in memory of the old lady I bought the house from, by her children, after I already owned the house.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Had a quick look around tonight and i'm happy to report growth from the ground on the Kyushu hydrangea, new growth on the rose Hawkeye Bell, buds on the clematis 'Pamela Jackman' (mistakenly thought to be dead, but that's 'Dutchess of Albany'), a slight bit of new growth on the purple-leafed sandcherry (that's going to get shovel-pruned soon, though), growth on the rose J.P. Connell, and one miserable little bud on Champlain.

My peony 'Sorbet' is in full bloom, though. :)

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Oh forgot also, I lost my daylily 'Dancing Shiva', which is a shock because I have never lost a daylily before. There might be one mushy root with a light green shoot, but I didn't look too closely.

My PLSC is totally getting dug out soon too. I'm sick of it dying back every year.

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The Quickfire and Floribunda hydrangeas I planted last year are coming back quite nicely.

I still can't believe the Blue Moon Wisteria is coming back. It received no winter protection and had a rough transplant at the end of the season last year.

Borealis and BerrySmart honeyberries did well, though one of the Borealis was chewed to ground level by a rabbit or something. The Cupid cherry is doing wonderful despite being flattened by the dogs through winter. Sadly, the Mount Royal Plum is showing no signs of activity even though the vascular tissue is still green.

Nearly all the established plants have survived, spare a Fire and Ice hosta. Champlain rose is only a twig of his former self, but he was subject to some harsh treatment last year.

Overall I had more successes than failure, but I'm still pretty disappointed about the apparent loss of the plum.

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weeper_11(2b SK)

I was planting some daylilies today, and went to dig out that Josee lilac that I was sure was dead. Although it hasn't budded out at all, its roots still look alive and white, no rot at all. So either it is dead, and the roots just haven't rotted out yet, or else it is alive and is simply INCREDIBLY late. Anyway, I replanted it and watered it good, and I'll see what happens. If it is dead, I plan on trying it at least once more. It is supposed to be hardy here, and I love lilacs...a reblooming one is doubley good!

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My dwarf lilac is much further behind than the Preston lilac I have. Keep hoping.

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I had a number of plants that got knocked back by the cold snap earlier this month and I don't know if they'll come back including bugbane (very sad), coneflower, coreopsis, liatris, and a couple of heuchera. Winter got some sedum of all things, dianthus, a phlox, woolly thyme, hosta, and a newly-planted flax. I'm still waiting for some things to start and have all but given up on the coreopsis (moonbeam & zagreb)and the weigela. Second time I've tried the moonbeam and am disappointed that it doesn't seem hardy as it's such a beautiful plant. But gaillardia, clematis, lamb's ears and lilies all emerged early and are growing gangbusters, even after a rodent chowed down on one of the lily stalks. And I don't think I could kill the iris if I tried (and I have). The hydrangea has buds but is taking forever to leaf out. Now if I could just get rid of the squirrels...

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Ha we had snow today.:( Heavy snow that flattened the tulips...I am sure they will bounce back though. This snow was one day later than last years.

Nutsaboutflowers.....yes dig dig dig, dig dig dig...very tired. Thanks for the far the amurs and the schuberts are looking okay. I will keep an eye out for those problems though.


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Connie, I had a big mouse problem a few years ago...Lost hundreds of lilies. What you might find is mouse nests in close to plants like peonies and daylilies. If you dig will probably find lots of shredded lily pieces. Each shredded piece will form a new bulb.....and you will have tons of little lilies popping up absolutely everywhere. At first I was happy to see this....but soon it got tiring and I litterally pulled/weeded out thousands of little lilies. I lost roses and other bushes from their destruction. They also prunned many only a small portion of the plant came back. Although the garden looked a little thin that year...most grew back evenually.


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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

I have a strange lily problem too. My big lilies sometimes disappear and leave lots of little ones. I did have mice the winter before last, because I used flax straw. But this winter some lilies disappeared without any signs of mice. >:o( Hmmm.

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In the late fall, I usually set out mouse feeding stations to which I cover and protectet to keep the stuff dry and also to stop the dog from getting into it. I will check once or twice during the winter and refill as necessary.


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klondike_kate(Z-1A YT Can)

I finally got around to doing an inventory of who's poking their heads up. I'm thinking beginner's luck really applies to me (like Hykue already mentioned for her garden), since almost everything seems to be coming back.

My garden is in Whitehorse, Yukon (Zone 1a).

Here's what made it:
Delphiniums - 'Summer Skies', Pacific Giant 'Guinevere', and assorted miscellaneous ones that were here when we moved in.

Re-blooming Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Catherine Woodbury')

Asiatic Pot Lily 'Mt. Duckling'

Primula cortusoides - coming up like crazy and now its blooming, one of the earliest ones in the garden, came up at the same time as the Delphiniums

Columbine - Aquilegia vulgaris plena 'Black Barlow' and A. flabellata 'Ministar' (Blue Angel Fan columbine)

Dianthus deltoides 'Confetti White' (White Maiden pinks) and Dianthus gratianopolitanus 'Tiny Rubies (Cheddar pinks)

Campanula cochlearifolia 'Bavaria Blue' (Bavaria Blue Fairy Thimble) - came up a bit later than everything else so I was worried about it but it looks like itÂs doing fine

Rosy Pussytoes

Cutleaf Anemone  another one thatÂs growing like crazy.

Goat's Beard

Sempervivum 'Emerald Express'

Tanacetum coccineum Robinson's Mix (Single Painted Daisy)

Subalpine Daisy

Baby's Breath - a transplant from my mother-in-law's garden last year

Speedwell - Veronica allioni unknown var.; Veronica RedFox; Veronica spicata 'Sightseeing Mix' (all are coming up like crazy)

Aster alpinus 'Dunkle Schone' (Dark Beauty Alpine Aster), and Aster alpinus 'Pinkie' (Pink Alpine Aster) - the Dark Beauty has tons of growth, the Pinkie is slower but alive

Double-flowering Almond - I really had doubts about how this one would do when I planted it last year but it's flowering!

Icelandic poppy  just about to flower.

Peonies 'Sword Dance', 'Sarah Bernhardt', and 'Sorbet' - I was worried about them but the ÂSarah Bernhardt is coming up like crazy and the others are alive, too. I had thought the Sword Dance was dead last year so stuck it in the ground in a patch in the middle of nowhere, pretty much ignored it, and now itÂs coming back. IÂm amazed.

Common Bleeding Heart  survived but I planted it in what turned out to be a poor spot last year so IÂll move it as soon as I can this year.

Alchemilla mollis (Lady's Mantle) - planted it in a very bad spot two years ago and I'm amazed it's still hanging in there. I'm going to move the poor thing this year.

Potentilla nepalensis (Cinquefoil ÂMiss WillmottÂ) Â another one that I planted in a really bad spot two years ago and it survived. IÂd actually forgotten it was even there and so wasnÂt watering it or anything but then went to dig up a spot for azaleas and found it! So IÂve moved it to my new shade bed while apologizing to it profusely.

Hosta undulata ÂMediovariegata' is slowly coming up; still no sign of Hosta fortunei ÂaureomarginataÂ

Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis ÂRoseaÂ)

Lilacs  two unknown varieties that were here when we moved in

Chives - these were here from the previous owners. I accidentally weeded a bunch out when we first moved in and then discovered more the other day.

A few other odds and ends  raspberries that we transplanted from my mother-in-lawÂs garden last year, rhubarb that was here when we moved in, two Ashleaf Spirea that appeared out of nowhere, tons of JacobÂs Ladder and Yarrow and Oxeye Daisies, and a mixture of wild and domestic strawberries that are all in bloom now.

The casualties (what doesnÂt appear to have survived or are iffy):

Dwarf Arctic Iris (Iris setosa var. arctica) Â two donÂt have anything but I just noticed that one has a couple of green shoots

Phlox divaricata ssp laphamii ÂChattahoocheeÂ

Johnny Jump-ups  maybe these will come later since they did fine last year

Blue Marguerite (Felicia amelloides)

Nepeta faassenii ÂDropmoreÂ

Siberian Bugloss (Brunnera macrophylla ÂJack FrostÂ) Â I think IÂll try this again but somewhere else in my yard.

Hollyhocks (Alcea rosea ÂDouble MixedÂ) Â not surprised these didnÂt make it, I didnÂt really expect them to but thought IÂd give them a try

False Spirea (Astilbe taqueti ÂSuperbaÂ) Â another one that I planted before I knew what I was doing and that probably would have done fine if IÂd put it in a better spot. Poor thing. IÂve got some other Astilbes in a different spot this year.

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I garden in the Foothills of Alberta just west of Calgary and have had losses as well. Some well established shrubs including Diablo Ninebark didn't leaf out but once I prunned the shrubs to the ground I noticed all these new shoots coming up. The Minuet and Miss Kim lilac bushes are just going to bloom but the leaves on the branches are small. BlackLace didn't make it and when I dug up the shrub the roots were all mushy. Some of the potentilla and spirea is showing some green, others stil very "woody" looking. My viburnum Mohican is covered in blossoms yet the purple leaf sandcherry beside it has leaves and blossoms only a foot from the ground. The next three feet look pretty dead. All the rose bushes have started from the ground level and are really nice and bushy. The six year old crabapple appears to be struggling. Very few leaves. I have grown Heuchera for a number of years and this year not all have come up but yet the root seems intact so I'm going to "wait and see" with those. I divided them a couple of years ago so they are not overgrown. Surprisingly, just about all the other perennials have survived.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

I don't remember which thread ended up talking about clematis taking a year off and then surprising you by showing up. Well, looks like Ville de Lyons has done that! Yesterday, i was rooting around in its bed and lo and behold! Clematis foliage!! Now i'll have to keep an eye on Dutchess of Albany - checked right away and found nothing, but maybe Jackmanii will decide to come back now! LOL

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