If you could only have 5 types of figs

gritsladMay 30, 2010

what would they be and if you have a why (as opposed to just wanting them), tell us. I've started my orchard with a planted in the wrong place Celeste, a brand new LSU purple, and I seem to want everything I see but know that is impractical, hence my question

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Hi Grislad,

it would depend a lot on what climate i could have those 5 types of figs.


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How about if you lived in Zone 8?

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In climate 8 i would trial as i have yet to taste

Coll de Dama Negra
Grise Olivette
Noire De Caromb
Black Madeira
Ischia Black

of course there are others also i would like to try to see how they do.
perhaps more as room would allow.

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girlbug2(z9/10, Sunset zone 24)

With my relatively limited fig experience, I know of only two I would have for sure--Black Mission and Kadota.

and there are also two that would never be on my list--white Genoa and California brown turkey.

After this season, I could let you know whether or not my Violette De Bordeaux and Panache Tiger would also be on that list. From all that I've read here, they probably will be.

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debbies_cockatiels_2(__6 Philly PA.)

Hi Grislad, I'm a newbe. I live in zone 6 I think my Peters Honey fig was the best thing I have ever tasted and it's green so you have a better chance of getting it since the birds or critters can't tell when it's ripe.I am buying mostly green, yellow or white figs so I get to eat them... I LOVE to EAT FIGS !!!!

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My preference would be:

Marseillies VS
Desert King
Longue d'Aout
Ronde de Bordeaux or Gino

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I seen a post on here before of an Iraqi Fig, not sure of the type it is but it look great so that would be on my list. I would like any variety from Palestine. Black mission because I like the dried ones i've tried in the stores. I think one is called tiger stripe, it is yellow or green with stripes, because the look is cool. Lastly I would like to grow marseilles, just hear so much about it.

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Are there any US sources for Coll de Dama or does it have to be imported? I can find most of the other outstanding figs but not this one. I currently have the Italian Honey Fig and plan on adding the Negronne this spring.

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bhawkins(8A Dallas)

celeste, celeste, celeste, celeste, celeste

runners up, in order I'd plant:

brown turkey
hardy chicago
lsu purple

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In USDA Zone 8, you are (almost) in fig-heaven!
(any beneficial fig-wasps there?)

ANY fig should grow with no winter protection there (bless you!).
Choose closed eye'd ones if you have any excessive rain
or bugs in your area.

You may also go the big (sized) fruiting figs...

Which ones are both most productive-and-sweet?

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I'm in a hot zone 9 so results may vary. I lost the tags to all my early planted figs except for a few. As a result most of the ones producing I have no names for.

Of my named varieties these are my two favorites.

Violette De Bordeaux
Black Mission

I have most of the ones mentioned by others above but they are only rooted cuttings so I can't really comment.

iammarcus, Col de Dame cuttings are available from the UC Davis National Germplasm site. I got mine from the yearly Encanto Farms sale. Its supposed to be one of the best but mine has not fruited yet so I can't really attest to it.

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...sal's corleone,gino fig,marseille vs black,viollette de bordeaux and...143-36(what a great fig!).

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and Smith.
Celeste you already have
LSU Purple you already have
Violette De Bordeaux.....excellent tasting and super productive. One of the best tasting figs. One of the best for all growing areas.
White Triana......consistently produces super sweet figs, productive, and long season. Does not drop figs and tolerates heavy rains and is bug resistant. Cold tolerant Absolutely excellent fruiting characteristics.

Any one of these......Hardy Chicago, Gino's, Dark Portuguese, Marseilles VS, GM #11, or Sal's (El). They are all good figs.

LSU Gold if you like them big, juicy, and sweet. It produces two crops per season. Does well in colder areas.

Hollier or amber pulp Golden Celeste....if you like them sweet.

or Black Mission if you have the room for a tree that wants to grow LARGE. Black Mission figs are in a class of their own. I love them.


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Thanks thisisme
I will be sure to contact U C Davis as soon as I put together my shopping list and a persuasive case to arouse their interest. I hope to find out how large an order they will accept.

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Dottano Nero
Valle Negra

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