Looks Like Lettuce

mandolls(4)June 26, 2011

I have grown a batch of peony poppies from seed for the first time this year, but so far they just look like lettuce!. I was under the impression that these would be blooming early to mid june and completely over and done with by July. Is it just that we have had an especially cool rainy spring here in WI, or has my planting them so densely caused problems? I havent fertilized a lot. I put in some slow release when I planted them, and topped the soil with composted manure. They look healthy, and are doing a great job of hiding the daffodill foliage, but I sure hope I get blooms.

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My new ones are just starting to put up flower stalks and I'm near St Louis. I have a few that self sowed from year ago and they are finished, but my new ones from seed are behind.

I'm sure they are fine and will flower soon. What color ar they? I bought some purple ones anxious to see how they look. Mine ar too close, too but if you get some good seed pods we can scatter them for next year.

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The foliage looks great!
I started some double poppies from very old seed and they are just starting to bud here in SE Iowa. The base of the foliage has yellowed on mine though--too much water I suspect.

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Thanks for the reassurance. They are Flemish Antique, a double, bi-colored pink. The lilies right behind them are an intense deep red, and almost everything else in the bed flowers purple, echinacia, liatrus and thistle. If they all come into bloom at once it should be intense.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Very healthy looking foliage. They look as if they are putting up flower stems so you shouldn't have to wait much longer. Did you direct sow? For future reference they are a plant which benefits from being thinned out to give each one enough space. Yours do look a little crowded. They'll still flower but the blooms may be smaller.

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I started them inside under lights in April, and then planted them out in early May. I'm afraid I only gave them about 6/8 inches apart from each other. I didnt realize quite how big they would get. I have such a difficult time giving enough space to plants when they are so tiny. I just cant seem to believe the seed package. I do like the thick fluffy foliage, but next time I'll try to give them at least 10-12" apart.


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Had to post my purple ones opened thei first bloom today. I am very excited!!

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Nice color - thanks , When mine finally open I'll post pics.

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Bloom time can also depend on when you sow them. If you direct sow very early in spring when the soil is just workable they will have done blooming by now. Later sowing resutls in later blooming. I've sown some after the first batch is done and even gotten a couple in late summer/fall, which is nice ;-)

-trovesoftrilliums, they naturally get yellow foliage at the bottom as they age. Nothing you did wrong!

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

If you don't dead head you will never need to sow them again. They have come up on my allotment for nearly 20 years and I never sowed them in the first place. Each year I get a different mix of coulours and double/singles.

The more robust the plant the bigger the wonderful seed pods too. Mine have been flowering a few weeks now and will continue a few weeks more because we have realtively cool summers. Also, because they self sow they are all different ages.

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