Who all on here grows apricots up north :)

mattpfMay 12, 2013

The way this spring is going looks like some people growing apricots may get some fruit. Who on here all grows apricots and what variety , and how's it looking for you .
My three westcot are probably 5 year old trees just planted last year. One is planted north of my home the others on south . The tree in the front north side suffered about 1% die back all buds survived and are starting to flower. The two in the south of my house suffered mass damage to almost all buds . I did cover them in burlap but still the temperatures in winter must have killed the buds. I mean the hotter temps as they are very exposed to high winter temps , next winter I will wrap even better or put up shades in front of them. But those two are also going to flower but lower on the tree .

I'm pretty pumped that they are flowering and we have already passed our usual last frost date.

Who all on here is growing apricots ... I'm sure many are interested on updates of your trees.

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And more people in zones 3/4 need to grow apricot trees. Plant them very early like right now . They are insanely winter hardy .
The best tasting are wescot and morden 604 . University of Saskatchewan grows these varieties they survive minus 50 and fruit . Mine survived unusual high and low temps up and down all winter . I'd emagine it'd be much easier to grow apricot further north of Calgary as they don't get the chinooks and drastic weather changes . I bet if the tree Is planted on north facing of house or in area that gets alot of shade in winter it will fruit every year . All the hardy varieties originate from the Manchuria cot tree and are very winter hardy .

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I just bought a 'westcot' apricot that I plan to plant next to my Nanking cherries. I'm somewhat skeptical that the tree will survive the winter (our temperature minima bottom out at around -40C), but I'll give it a shot. My local nursery assures me that 'quite a few' people grow apricots successfully in Peace River, but I've never seen any...

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

>>I'm pretty pumped that they are flowering and we have already passed our usual last frost date.We might not out of the woods yet, average frost date for Calgary is May 23, Edmonton May 7.

I had the Capilano with fruits one year but when mooving the tree the next spring it died.
Now I have a Sunrise in full bloom, top grafted to a plum, the name might be missleading, bought some scion wood from a grower who called it Sunrise, hopefully it's self fruitfull,..got a small other branch of unknown name which is about two day's behind flowering, hopefully it can help with pollination. Have cut a little branch today and openened the flower to expose pollen and hung it in the blooming tree in the hope bees will visit this one also,..native bees/bugs were really busy.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

This is a copie from a post in your last thread,...May 2.

Apricots are pretty hardy but most often spring blossoms
get killed off due to night cold/frost. About ones in 5 to 7 years [average] you'll get fruit set when we get a late start in spring and winter temp. were low, not damaging fruit buds.
So,..this year would make it extremely promising because we're about 3 weeks late and winter was mild.

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Plant the wescot in an area that won't get winter sun and stay consistently below zero .wrap the tree in burlap ,if you do indeed plant it on sunny side of your house put up a shade along with covering it . Also cover root system with fresh grass clippings thick layer or maybe mulch but this will keep the roots frozen all winter . The tree will suffer no dieback if its kept cool in in shade all winter. Beauty thing about that also you can leave it covered until late April or may it helps control a late bloom. I planted 4 westcot last year one other in my moms yard in north facing side of home with out any protection what so ever except snow pile on top of roots kept it dormant . No protection and no sun,That tree did second best of the four only die back on taller limbs . The ones in my south facing yard were wrapped in burlap but still exposed to winter heat hence the many buds dying . I also shoveled snow around the trees in winter this helps keep it frozen .
Theirs lots of ways to do it but I think you will be fine. The manchurian apricots survived minus 50 at u of sask and fruited.the westcot and morden604 will produce best tasting as they are bred with other sweeter varity. I've read that the plan old wild manchurian apricot fruit is not very good eating .but it's hardy to minus 50 and if you let fruit ripen on tree it will still be better than store bought green ones :)

......Konrad it's not going to freeze here again lol

I'm very interested in your sunrise strain you acquired . It's a manchurian strain and will set fruit all manchurian are self fruitful.
Mandan. (USA)
Mongold (USA)
Manchurian strain ( can be variety of different mixes)

All of these are prunus Manchuria they all set fruit alone and all can withstand very cold temps . Most important thing is you gotta keep the sun off them in winter and they will probably survive anything . What's the difference between minus 40 and minus 50 ? They feel exactly the same lol

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The sun is what winter kills not the cold

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Perhaps your Chinook condition in Calgary can contribute to winter kill on flower buds also.
Most problematic is the spring frost early mornings when in bloom.
My apricots are out in the sun and don't remember of any damage, flower most every year, they can withstand winter cold much better then sweet cherries, these die off at around minus 32C.

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Northern Alberta stays cold.

Average winter temp where I'm at is 0 it's hot without chinooks somedays plus 20 in my yard where a few of my trees are. In summer it gets plus 45 in sun in my yard if its 25 outside

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