Mr. James Robin's 2011 fig Inventory

nkesh099(6)May 2, 2011

This is the 2011 inventory of the trees that Mr. Robin has for sale. If you are looking for other varieties that is not listed on this list please just call and ask him. He does have some other varieties. Last weekend I met him at his house and bought few plants from him, all looking healthy and growing very well. While I was there I pulled out many of his trees out of the pot and inscpected their roots for RNK, I found NON.

I don't gain anything from his sale. He's wife Miss. Betty is really sick and his sale would him out a little.

Mr. James Robin's phone number: 337-407-0188.

White figs:



Condria/Verone hybrid



LSU Gold

LSU Hollier

LSU Everbearing



Italian Honey

Scott's yellow

Mary lane/Jelly (Seedless variety)


Verte/ Green Ischia

Black Figs:

Black Mission/Francascan/Mission

**LSU Yellow (Brandy)

Brown Turkey


Blue Celeste

Hardy Chicago


LSU Purple


Scott's Black



I believe he can ship to any states. If you have any questions please just give him a call, he is a pleasant person to talk to.

Thank you all.


** New variety

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Dennis AKA Snaglpus(8a)

Navid, that was nice of you to do. I just talked to him and placed an order. He said his phone has been ringing off the hook all morning. That was nice. Dennis

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Thank you.

Mr. Robin has some nice fig trees for sale that are, rare and low-priced, IMO. They all come in 2 gallon trade pots.
I could not scan his list which in it he included the fruits characteristics like, sweetness, inside's color and.... So if anyone needs more information about the figs listed above just let me know.

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What description does he have listed for LSU Scott's Yellow and the LSU Yellow (AKA Brandy)??? I am not at all familiar with the "Brandy' fig and would like to compare it with several other little-known LSU yellow colored figs that I grow.

Semper Fi-cus

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You are telling me that a FIG RESEARCHER like you with a vast collection of fig trees and about to publish books on figs, don't know the difference between these two figs???

I saw a post on figs4fun that you said, you do have the LSU Yellow in your collection, now you asking me the difference between these two?

I don't have time for this BS.

And if you are cofused about the Brandy name, don't be, Mr. Robin calls his LSU Yellow, Brandy.

If anyone has any questions about the tree listed above just CALL Mr. Robin.

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Above you stated the following: "So if anyone needs more information about the figs listed above just let me know."
To that open invitation for questions, I asked a very simple question and YOU throw a hissy my my.

That was a sincere question I was asking for Pete's sake!!

I read your above post as indicating that LSU Scott's Yellow was available and also a "** new variety" called LSU Yellow (Brandy) was available too. You indicated in YOUR post that you had additional information regarding "his (JR's) list which in it he included the fruits characteristics like, sweetness, inside's color". I was asking for those descriptions that YOU said you could provide from the list that you could not scan.

Yes, I am a serious fig researcher, do grow many varieties of figs, and do study figs in other yards and other fruit orchards in my area. And yes, one day I intend to publish some of my work. I do specialize in the LSU figs and do have several yellow-colored LSU figs which have no names. I was only wondering if the "Brandy" description that YOU stated YOU could provide, would fit the description of one of my figs. Pardon me for taking you up YOUR offer to ask you for the additional information that you said you could. provide. How stupid of me to ask.......

Hope that you enjoy the figs that you have purchased from JR.

Semper Fi-cus

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Navid this place is not like some other forums. We try to keep things friendly around here unless someone has acted in a heinous manner. I don't think Dan did anything to deserve your last post. You started this thread to do a good thing. Your last post was not.

My only question which no one has asked or answered is how much do these 2 gallon fig trees cost?

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genecolin(Zone 9, LA)

As my Mom used to say when I woke up a little grumpy, "Sounds like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning". I find you "BS" statement a little strong for someone trying to clarify the distinction between the two yellow figs.

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You said; "That was a sincere question I was asking"

I really don't think so and the reason is, any time I mention JR's name or one of his fig trees in my threads you start to bash him. Remember the Cajun Honey thread? Only this time you want to do the same about JR's LSU Yellow?
Whats next? Who is your next victim? Last year it was AL, now this year is Mr. Robin?

By providing you the information that you requested, I am %100 sure that you will somehow find an excuse/problem to argue with me about JR's LSU yellow (Brandy). Don't have the time for these games.

If you are really interested learning more about the LSU figs, I'll suggest you call Mr. Robin he might be able to help you with that.

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thisisme and Gene:

It seemes like Dan loves to argue with me about JR's figs, as he has done it before about JR's C.H. on figs4fun.

Don't really know why he behave this way towards JR, and I will not allow that to happen in my threads anymore, that is why I refused to answer his questions.

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As soon as I saw this post yesterday, I called James Robin to ask him about the new LSU Yellow. Many of our trees come from him because we live less than an hour away. I asked him if he carried LSU Yellow (Brandy). He said, Yes. He does.. I asked him if it was the same as Scott's Yellow. He said, Yes. It is. But then he told me that he does not sell Scott's Yellow. He sells LSU Yellow. And that he renamed the Scott's Yellow to LSU Yellow (Brandy) He also mentioned that LSU never published the Brandy so he renamed it Yellow.

AND BTW! all of his trees are 20.00 to my knowledge :)


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James Robin is sometimes very free wheeling when it comes to fig names. I know a lot more about this than what I will put on this forum. What you call "bashing" is actually "clarifying" and I am in a good position to "clarify".

Man, don't blame me if you bought a Cajun Honey fig from JR thinking that it was the heirloom fig that I have written about on this and the other fig forum. That fig is exactly as I've stated. JR's fig is an Italian Honey fig and it was propagated from a large bag of cuttings that I PERSONALLY gave to James Robin. That is a FACT. I was willing to post pictures of the mother Italian Honey fig tree for you and of the figs it produces this coming summer. You can forget about that ever happening......... Those are the FACTS and now I really could care less if you believe them are not. Time will bear me out.....

And for the record, I'm not "bashing" anybody. Neither YOU, Al, James Robin....nor anybody. However, when the facts on my, you should know that I WILL NEVER BACK DOWN to anyone and will continue to argue my point until the cows come home. Like I've said before, I gave James Robin those cuttings....not an old lady. Like I've said before, his memory is not what it used to be. And James Robin took that Cajun Honey/Louisiana Honey name from me for the heirloom fig that I have found and had given to it.

Talk to JR and he will tell you that Improved Celeste and O'Rourke are the same fig. The FACT is they ARE NOT the same as there are 3 Improved Celeste figs going around in the retail nurseries in South Louisiana. Talk to JR and he will tell you that LSU Scott's Black is the same fig as LSU Late Black. The FACT is they ARE NOT the same fig as he claims.

Navid, you really ought to get your FACTS straight before you go mouthing off at me when I know full well what the heck I am talking about. Let's many times have you been to JR's place?????????? That's what I thought.....only one time!!! My My My.

Enjoy your new figs.....

Semper Fi-cus

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Thisisme,,,, You have insulted me on an occassion or two so don't act like you are a saint, you generally complain about the cost of everything,without understanding the nursery trade and how much people put into their trees. I side with Navid when it comes to attacking Mr. Robin who is a personal friend of mine. If you want to know how much a certain sized fig tree is, then why don't you call Mr. Robin yourself! I tried to remain quiet, but Navid is correct,, sorry. I and others have noticed these same things. Ciao!

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nkesh099 I understand what you are saying I've been there with another poster or two in my time. Even so I try to always let bygones be bygones until after it starts again. I was here when Dan and Al went at it. Both Dan and Al are opinionated and knowledgeable. Al was as much at fault as Dan in that Thread. Both Dan and Al have mellowed out a bit since that thread.

Looks like Serena who just spoke to JR to some point confirms what Dan says about JR taking a little liberty with naming. Thats not always a bad thing. A lot of figs get re-named from time to time. As long as its not done for the purpose of committing fraud its alright with me. Dan is not defaming JR. He is just tying to clarify and that is something that often needs to be done no matter who you are buying from. I always ask the seller who they got the mother cutting or tree from.

Often the person it came from becomes part of the name in a re-naming. That way if it turns out to have been mislabeled everyone who bought will find out at a later date. Like EL's Sal's fig turning out to be Hardy Chicago. Its still called EL's Sal's even though we know its not the Sal's that everyone is looking for. (Its still a good fig.) However it allows everyone who purchased it or who received cuttings know what it really is. For these kinds of reasons there is nothing wrong with seeking clarification. EL did nothing wrong just as I'm sure JR has done nothing wrong but clarification is good.

Serena thank you for answering my question.

Dan thank you for what you do and for not immediately responding in kind.

I hope everyone finds the figs they are looking for this year and I hope we can all make up and be friends or at least be friendly.

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I'm sorry italiangirl74, I don't remember ever insulting you. Someone may be willing to pay $ 200.00 for a rooted Sal's cutting. Thats up to them. Forgive me though if its not worth it to me. What people charge and what people are willing to pay at retail or at auction is up to the individual. Oprah used to charters two 747's for herself and her entourage to fly to California every six weeks. There she sits in her plane and pays someone $ 50,000.00 to wax her eyebrows and then flys back. Thats not worth it to me either but more power to her. Its her money and she can do with it whatever she wants.

Saying its not worth that much to me is not insulting. I used to collect card, stamps, coins, firearms. I'm sure I paid more for some of them than you would be willing to pay. If you said thats not worth that much to you I would not be insulted. If I said someone was stupid for paying that much that would be insulting. To my knowledge I have never said anything at even approaches such a statement. If I did I'm sure I would have apologized or would have at least retracted the statement.

One last time in short as I said in the other thread. Forgive me. I live on a fixed income and have no need for cold hardy figs in Arizona. If that offends you I'm sorry. Thats how I feel. I cannot comprehend how that could possibly offend you. Never the less it did and I guess still does.

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Let me get some stuff straight for you,

1) I grew up with Pom., Olives and figs trees, till I moved to U.S. My grandfather has a fig orchard back home and when I was younger he always took me there to help him picking the figs and trimming his trees. He thought me how to plant my vary first fig tree in ground when I was 10 yrs old. Let me guess, this fig hobby is something that you got into after you retired, right? Right, well you been doing this for few yrs and other peoples like Maggy, I and... been doing for our whole life. So you can't tell us that you know more about fig trees than us, who grew up with these trees.

2) You don't need to post any pics from your Cajun Honey, because you probaly don't have it. Do you know what they say, You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? I guess not... So don't worry about posting those pics.

3) When I see that you post so negatively about JR in so many threads, I can't sit and let it go. Mr. Robin does not have a computer so he can't get online and try to defend himself, I will do that for him.
You can't intimidate me by saying that, you never back down, don't back down. But don't talk bs behid JR, like how JR's memory is bad or ....
I boxed for 10 yrs and many tough guys didn't intimidate me in or out of the ring, to this day.

4) When I was at JR's house he never mentioned your name nor he bashed anyone. He was excited showing me his trees and cuttings, however he did mentioned George (gorgi), Maggi and Jon, but all he said was good things about them. Again, HE NEVER MENTIONED YOU (DAN). When I see/meet a person with his characteristics (does not says negative stuff behind others), I'll respect them and will stand for them.

5) What does it matter that how many times I been to his house?
How would it affect that you can't stop talking behind others who has a sick wife and trying to sell few trees to make ends meet??
Who cares what a tree called?
Is our pride in todays world is so huge that we can't control it? have to talk behind others and spread negative rumers about them?

Mr. Robin never mentioned you nor talked behind you, but you can't stop talking so negatively behind him. What would make a person act the way you do? It makes me wounder.....

Have a nice day.

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Since my last post I have recieved three emails requesting cuttings of my grandfather's fig trees. Those trees need a male and female tree with Wasp, so I don't think it would do any good here in U.S.


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OK, I'm out of this thread. I just wanted to say one more thing before leaving.

I'm no spring chicken. I have been around for awhile. I consider myself to be a good judge of character. I spoke to JR once at length over the phone. It is abundantly obvious to me that he is as honest, forthright and friendly a person as you will find anywhere. He is a real gem. There is no doubt. You can hear it in his voice. Every word he speaks reeks with honesty and integrity and love for his dear wife. You may never meet a nicer person. I don't think anyone in this thread is questioning that. Everyone who has ever met him or spoken to him that has posted on any forum has confirmed the same and they are many.

thisisme out.

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Mister boxer

Your comments/arguments seem so childish and so silly to me. In case I have not made myself perfectly clear.......

I will continue to express my opinions, argue the FACTS, clarify where necessary, stand by my statements, and stand by my research data until the cows come home. Some people just cannot handle the truth nor the FACTS. Then there are some fig people that are just plain old envious or jealous of other people's efforts. Some even choose to offer no opinion of their own, yet they take issue with those that actually do take the time to post theirs. Many of us are called "fignuts" for a good reason. Figs make some people say and do some strange things.......

Your "bashing" statement Navid is absolutely ridiculous. Want to see me doing some REAL bashing??? ......go over on the HOT TOPICS forum on GW and read some of my posts where I am doing some real "big time" bashing. If you hate me now, you will likely hate me even more after reading some of my posts over on that Hot Topic forum.

Enjoy your new figs Navid....including the Italian Honey that got you so upset in the first place. Don't blame me if that fig tree is not what you thought it to be!!

Maggie, if you have something bothering you or have something further to add or more specific in nature for this discussion.....please do so.

Semper Fi-cus

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1st) I don't hate you or anybody else, just want you stop spreading rumers about JR's trees around.

2nd) You think you are big guy sitting behind the compture and talking behind other, bet you wouldn't have the gut to talk to me or whoever like this in my/their face. Is it the anonymity of the internet which allows people like you to talk bs behind others, which is pathetic. If you want to talk to me face to face I can be in LA by next day, anyday. let me know.

3rd) What type of the fig researcher are you that can't even provide one picture of your trees...... You ain't a fig researcher, you are a fig dreamer.

4th) GETA LIFE.....

Don't really care what you think about me or Maggie. We are tired of your childlish games.

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Navid, I will NEVER stop stating the FACTS. Get over it mann.....

Enjoy your "Italian Honey" fig tree and stop worrying about my posts and acting like a child wanting to meet me face to I have met several forum members face to face. Why I even gave them "free of charge" rooted trees from the fig orchard that is only in my "dreams". ROTFLMAO......

Semper Fi-cus

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Two years ago I receved from Dan a nice rooted Adriatic tree free of M.V..a nice gift from a gentleman I never met.Ciao,

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Giuseppe, that little fig tree came from my "dream" or made up orchard. lol. I hope that everything is well with you.


FMV can be a problem with some fig cultivars....that particular strain of Adriatic that Giuseppe now has, is FMV free. A few people also have my FMV free Black Mission strain too. Both are now growing in my "dreamed up" orchard right here in South Louisiana. lol.

If fact there is a another long time forum member who once asked for a Black Ischia fig tree that had that, he could do some "experimenting" with it. And guess what?? I sent him one of those too from my dreamed up orchard.

And, I sent some "dreamed up" very rare LSU fig selections to some people who live in a northern climate; so that, I could get some data from them while it is growing in a colder climate than mine.

......just dreaming away in fig paradise #2. lol

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I am most interested in cuttings for Fall 2011 on the following:

LSU Everbearing
Scott Yellow
LSU Yellow

Do write me if you can spare cuttings for Fall 2011. We can trade or I am can pay for fair price cuttings including shipping. Cuttings to be mailed to my US address. I like to have a collection of LSU variants growing in the tropics for my part time retirement enjoyment. Hope to have a head start now before I retire. I am convinced LSU figs are more appropriate for humid & rainy tropics.

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and Dan, what about the LSU Gold cuttings you set aside for me only to have it turned into a great plant you sent me, which gave me beautiful figs. It was truely a dream come true, you're the man Dan, Sergio.

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I remember well that I could not send you the cuttings because they already had stated to root because you and I were having problems getting our email through to each other. So; rather then send you cuttings that might fail, I later sent you the little rooted plant instead. You were very patient and did call me a some do. I am glad to hear that you are finding enjoyment in your LSU Gold fig. Good to hear from you again Sergio.


Retirement is a special time and I can help you. I should have LSU Everbearing and Scott's Yellow cuttings to trade with you in the fall.....around the December time-frame. You have some interesting cultivars in your collection too.

As you know, I specialize in the LSU bred figs and I'm not at all familiar with ANY fig known as LSU Yellow, nor with its fruiting characteristics. I once had one from LSU named "Yellow Pollinator"; but, that one was an edible male caprifig fig that produced figs the first week of June. LSU Yellow, however, could still be in my collection as some unknown LSU selection....just not sure yet. I have a few of those little known O'Rourke selections that I am studying in my "dreamed up" orchard that is only a "fig"ment of my imagination.

lol again and again.....because some fignuts are just so envious of others and outright silly in their behavior (and you know who you are)!!!


I am the guy who first put James Robin's contact information on the Internet YEARS ago. That was done on this very forum after I posted certain information about a new "Shiny black" fig that I found at a local nursery. That "outing" was done with JR's permission. He was subsequently beaten up pretty badly by several fig forum members who found nematodes in some of the plants....especially by one certain big mouth forum member who now claims to be JR's good friend.

What you do not know is that, I was the ONLY ONE supporting James Robin back in those days....when it looked like EVERYBODY was BASHING him BIGTIME. Forum member "Marylandmojo" threatened to file complaints to the Federal authorities against JR and I made several visits to JR's place and talked to him on the phone quite often advising him about all what was being said about him on this forum. The old man was rightfully worried.......and I hated THE FACT that "I had gotten him into that mess!!!"

A year or two ago, we had yet another public BASHING of JR on the forums when yet another vocal forum member received a nematode infested plant from JR. Again, I stood up for the old man to that bashing too. Just so you know. Those are the FACTS.

I am not the bad guy that a certain big-mouth forum member paints me to be. You too had a run in with this guy when you first started posting. And he knows who he is, he is the guy who wanted my "Zebra" fig reallllllly bad. And that Zebra fig is yet another story in itself....long before you were posting on the forums. To this day he is still ticked off at me because I taught him a good lesson........

Semper Fi-cus

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opps.....didn't proof read my previous post.

Sergio was very patient and did "NOT" call me a liar like some do.....

Semper Ficus

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I appreciate any form of help Dan. Thanks. I have been having real bad luck with LSU Everbearing. The 1st one rooted 2 yrs ago & of all things I lost the tag & had it mixed up badly with some unknowns & Zergas stuffs. Then for over 2 seasons I got cuttings & they seem to rot away. I have one last precious cutting of Scott Yellow where I am waiting for warmer weather to root outside. The SY cutting that is barely surviving may kaput any time. Its being attack over & over by molds whenever a new green shoot appears. I know its a humidity thing but only this variant cutting seem to be hard hit. Let me know what interest you from my collection ASAP so that I can reserve them. Lately I am somewhat focus on E'pean variants and hopefully by next season I have a better collection.

I am totally convinced on LSU varieties working best in humid & rainy conditions in the tropics. Already doing very well there is LSU Tiger - bountiful & sweet, almost everbearing. I have LSU Gold, Hollier, Golden Celeste, Purple growing there. Conadria have done very well too(thanks Fignut) and I hope Smith, Sal's EL, Sequioa, Adriatic JH would. Most of my figs in the tropics are planted about one and half years ago. Not forgetting Dan, thanks for helping when I first wrote you 2 yrs ago on LSU Improved Celeste cuttings even though I(newbie then) fail to root them.

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Dennis AKA Snaglpus(8a)

Hello Navid! My fig order arrived yesterday from JR. I potted them up last night before going to bed. I was able to get a couple of those Brandy figs. Can't wait to taste those figs. Thanks again for posting.


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You are welcome. I am sure you will enjoy your new trees.
My Brandy has few figs on it and just like you, can't wait to taste them.


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