What are these insects and are they harmful to my figs?

eatmoreyeahMay 29, 2011

Lately I've noticed what looks like little white moths on my fig trees. They leave a white powder, mostly on the branches and a few of the figs.

Can someone help identify what I'm dealing with? If pictures are needed I can get some tomorrow. If not, are they harmful? What could they do to my crop and what measures sure I make to combat them if need be?

I wanted to add that my figs are a few weeks away from harvesting and they just showed up about 10-14 days ago. The fruit, leaves and branches look very healthy as well. I just don't want to lose any fruit because they're by far my favorite.

Thanks for your time.


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From what you are describing and I'm only taking a wild guess that you are dealing with Mealy Bugs.
Are they fuzzy?

Get a Q-tip swab and dip it in alcohol and dabb the bug with it and see if it turns from White to dark in color ( red, brown, etc etc. ).

If there are too many to dabb one at a time then get a spray bottle and fill anywhere from 10% to 25% alcohol and the rest with water and spray the intire tree.
Wipe the pot all around if it is in the pots.

Do this a couple time in a week and they should be gone or put under control.

I have never heard from anyone as for these bugs being harmful but they are feasting on your plants.

Once again, I am only guessing they are Mealy Bugs just by what you are saying.

Pictures will be much more helpful. Could be something else.

Good luck,

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