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Suzy_H(2)May 1, 2013

So my ordered trees and such are arriving and we still have snow on the ground, though its almost gone, but clay soil so it's very wet.
I got some comfrey, Jerusalem artichoke, horse radish and Egyptian onions.
Can I store them in my crisper until ready to plant? Do I need to go out and plant them? Store them moist or dry? The Egyptian onions showed up with dry roots, should I soak them?
I got some nanking cherry barefoot seedlings too. Trying. To decide where to put them. I have an acreage so enough space but lots of wind. Can I put these on the very west side of my garden to help shield my garden from the wind one they get bigger (i read they are wind tolerant). Any downsides to doing this?

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Not sure about the rest but Nanking Cherries aren't too picky about location. They aren't a fantastic windbreak though, they're a pretty open shrub. But it wouldn't do any harm.

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My advice to you about the horseradish...

Put the horseradish anywhere else but in your yard.

It will never be able to be killed. It will spread. Not even roundup will kill it. Save yourself frustration and time by simply buying horseradish in the store as you need it.

BTW, it isn't a nice looking plant and flea beetles love it, so later in the season you have very holy leaves!


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