Catmint Compromised!...LOL

lavender_lass(4b)June 12, 2010

This morning, I'm looking out the window at my almost completed fairy garden...and there is Fluffy (long-haired barn kitty) rolling around in the catmint plant. "Fluffy! What are you doing?" I asked. He/she (hard to tell with all that fur) looks at me with BIG eyes for a few seconds...then goes back to rolling in the catmint.

Needless to say, I will have to move that plant to my mom's garden. So far, the barn kitties haven't noticed the catmint in the kitchen garden...keeping my fingers crossed! LOL

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Don't worry, the catmint will be fine. Cats do sometimes chew on mine and sleep on top of it. The plant is tough, it will just throw out more flowers and leaves and the kitty can't eat them all.

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too funny. My cats love my blue fescu for chewing purposes. I'd like to put in catmint but I'm afraid all the cats in teh neighborhood would come visiting.

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midnightsmum (Z4, ON)

lol!! Happy cat!! I let my cataria get too mature one year, and ripped it all out - creating a car-sized heap in my lane-way!! I turned around, and there was Minou, the neighbour`s cat, on top in the middle, on his back, with a look of bliss on his furry little face!!
You can do pretty much anything to it, it is a survivor!!


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All the cats in my neighborhood are coming visiting anyway...and I have a catmint plant in the greenhouse that I haven't even planted yet. For some reason, they like to lie under the daylilies. I can be walking through the garden a swoosh! There goes a strange cat that was lying under the daylily.

I don't seem to have voles though.

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Kay- Neither no I. In fact, if the barn kitties could chase off the deer, I wouldn't have ANY surprise visitors in the garden :)

I did have deer visit the other night, but nothing was touched. I think all the blueberries, butterfly bushes, and other shrubs around the kitchen garden are confusing them. The only roses I have out there are rugosas and Canadian explorer roses, which are supposed to be less appealing to least so far!

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I love the name Minou. How cute! My daughter;s new kitty is named cupcake -- I'd rather call her 'Headache' LOL. My husband caught her hanging prone on the window blinds like a lizard on the wall. Too funny. Only she's giving my older cat a 'headache' - taunting her, jumping over her, shadowing her.. Poor old thing.

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LOL You're like me LL, talking to cats which is a waste of words as they do what they want anyhow! I certainly hope my catmint doesn't attract any strays as we've adopted every stray cat that travels the distance to get here and we don't *need* any more cats.

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