Ageless Beauty?

marricgardensJune 4, 2012

I was wondering if anyone had this one? How does it perform for you? I've seen pictures of Hillbilly Heart and it is similar in colour but different shaped, both are beauties. I just can't decide between them! Any advice? Marg

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I would definitely say no to AGELESS BEAUTY in your climate zone. It was a wimp here, actually survived but didn't thrive - refused to increase, wouldn't bloom after a tough winter, etc. Got rid of it a few years ago. A friend in PA loved the color too and wanted it but I told her to try something harider in that color category ( HILLBILLY HEART was one recommendation). HH does very well in this climate although i can't attest to its performance in zone 5.

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I already have about 10 Stamiles in the garden and was hoping this one would do. Maybe I'll see if I get someone from a colder climate answering. Thanks for the info. Marg

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I don't have it, but got one of its kids I believe, Raspberries in Cream. It's only a year exactly to this date, and so far it's a small plant (the smallest of all I got last year), but I just love the colors so much, that I will not mind the performance. That's of course if it ever flowers, at least more than 3 flowers ;)

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I emailed the grower who is just about 2 hours east and south of us. She says it is doing very well this year but fizzles other years. She also says she doesn't recommend it for anyone in a colder zone. Guess I'll go with HH then. Marg

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mizellie(z7 Al)

Ageless beauty has not taken off here either. I figured I would give her another year...Ellie

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Maryl zone 7a

Second year here with AB and she's not a very vigorous grower at all. Wouldn't surprise me if I loose her this winter if it's a normal one. I had a couple of blooms on her that showed promise. But she needed more blooms for me to decide if I liked her or not. Raspberries and Cream is supposed to have a whiter background color then AB, but if she grows like her parent, I would think she'd be a little weak too.....Maryl

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Ageless Beauty has never come of age here. It remains forever in infancy.

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kydaylilylady(z6 KY)

If it doesn't like Julie and Miss Ellie's climate, it makes you wonder why it was ever released. I had it and fortunately it was blooming one day and someone wanted to buy it. They got all of it and I was happy to see it go.

Hillbilly Heart has never had a chance to clump up here because people see it bloom and it gets divided regularly. In fact one year I kept the blooms picked off it just so it would have a chance to increase a little.


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