Breba figs on Celleste

pjb3811(z5NY)May 14, 2011

I have a Celleste in its 2nd or 3rd year that is putting out some brebas that look pretty robust. Should I snip them off or can I expect them to ripen before the main crop?

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I plan on leaving mine on. Last year mine did not start dropping until mid-August. I think the main crop should be ripe by then especially since this year it began forming main and breba a month earlier.

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Thanks for your input! I'd like to stay in touch with you as the season progresses just to compare notes. I also have 2 relatively young Kadotas that are also putting out a lot of brebas; I may experiment by snipping the brebas off one but not the other to see how that affects the main crop. Someone on this forum recently reported that the breba was quite tasteless compared to the main crop.

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