Best privacy tree for me

khopew(7- Virginia)September 30, 2012

Hello everyone!

I also posted this one the tree forum, but I thought I'd might get better help here :) I would like to clarify first that I have used the search box and have looked at tons of posts already, and am posting for further help. :)

We are looking to plant a row of privacy evergreen trees (around an 60 foot length) along the inside of our our 6 foot tall privacy fence. We need the trees to get at least around 20 feet tall to give us privacy from our neighbors deck, which is about 15 feet up. It really doesn't matter how wide they are, we have a fairly large yard. This area gets full sun all day, and although we are in the country it is protected from deer, and most critters since it's fenced in.

After doing my research I have come up with Green Giant, or Leyland's (worried about disease on the leyland) mostly because of how fast they grow vs. the relatively low price/easiness to find. I'm open to any other ideas though.

Also I couldn't find much on when to plant either of these, we'd like to get them in the ground within the next month, but we'd wait till spring if that was more ideal.

Thanks in advance!

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I think you've made the choice already..for the GGs, which would be my recommendation between those two choices. As to planting them this late, it might not be a good idea where I live, if the roots needed any corrective work due to encircling the inside of their pots, etc. But in your zone, there still may be plenty of time. Hopefully, someone with more Z7 experience will join this thread.


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khopew(7- Virginia)

Thanks for the response. I'm still on here reading, haha. I started out today thinking I wanted leylands, but have slowly been convinced of GG. I haven't found a concrete answer in any post about planting in my zone. I'm hoping we can still get them in, we should be able to have them in the ground within 2 weeks if we decide to it's safe. Any recommendation on planting space? I've seen distances all over the board, plus posts for or against planting in a line vs a zig zag. I'm totally overwhelmed! :) I'm most worried about getting to close to the fence.

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khopew(7- Virginia)

One more question and some details I thought I should mention.. We are planning on living in our home 5-7 years before selling (and hopefully then building a house away from unsightly, awful neighbors, haha) My goal is to have the trees growth to be at least 12 feet tall or taller by then to give privacy for us, future owners, and hopefully reduce the negative impact of selling next to these people, by covering them as much as possible. ...Does GG still seem like the best choice based on that expectation?

Thanks again!!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i seem to recall the other post.. did you mention something about not infringing on the fence???

GG is fine... plant about 8 feet from the fence.. minimum ... do not go with more than 4 footers.. insist on single leader plants ...

i dont know about timing in your area ...

see link for planting guide ...


ps: you are in a bit of denial about a fence stopping deer.. IF they want to get in ... but we see few complaints about them eating GG ....

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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khopew(7- Virginia)

Thanks for the info and the link ken! Is it safe to get these from Home depot or Lowes? I haven't seen much one way or the other. My husband wants to use a local nursery, which is fine with me, but the plants at lowes were about $10 cheeper per plant and came with a one year guarantee.

I don't think I'm in denial over the deer, lol, we have a six foot privacy fence surrounding the area that will house the trees. Of course if they really wanted to jump it or knock down a gate they could find a way, but I don't foresee that being a big enough issue, we've been safe so far. :)

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Ask your local nursery if they'll give you a one year guarantee; most will, and you'll be supporting a local business.

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khopew - They have these at the big box stores? Ours only carried Thuja 'Emerald Green' which are very different and aren't worth having. If you can find them cheap local, that would be a huge plus. If not...

I purchased all of my green giants from - They are a little more pricy. However, they have free shipping, a $7 off coupon plus a free plant coupon. They also offer a 1 year guarantee. I purchased mine 2 years ago and they were around 2' tall in a 1 gal container. None of them were root bound, but that could change for you depending on how long they sit in there pots.

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khopew(7- Virginia)

Yes our local Lowes and Home Depot both had "green giant" I even took a picture of the tag to double check at home because I was still learning the differences between each tree earlier this week :)

My husband is leaning towards the local nursery, but I feel like if we can get decent trees for $70-80 less at Lowes we should, we are in the middle of a total remodel inside and out of our house and every penny counts right now! Plus, I give the local guys plenty of business the rest of the year! :)

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khopew(7- Virginia)

Also, ricksample- Just curious, how big are your GG's now?

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I don't see a problem with purchasing stuff at Lowe's or Homedepot. I actually checked our local stores fore these before I purchased online, but no one around here sold them... not even nurseries.

Right now most of mine are around 4 to 4.5' tall. Actually I have had them since April 2011... so about a year and a half. The first year they grew about 1/2', this year they grew about 2'.

Just remember to buy 1 gal trees... It would be a waste of money to purchase anything larger since these grow so fast.

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khopew(7- Virginia)

Thanks so much for the info! This forum has taken us from being clueless about conifers to knowing what to walk in a nursery (or lowes)and buy. I even learned while searching that the "christmas" tree that was in our front yard when we moved here is a Wichita Juniper. I hadn't figured it out yet and had been referring to it as the christmas tree! lol

There were two sizes of GG at lowes: 2-3 foot for $19.99 and 4-5 for $34.99, so I think we'll just go ahead and get the 2-3 foot size now that I know the larger plants take longer to get going. We both thought the tallest plants would be best. the nursery had around 6 foot trees, which is the main reason my husband was set on buying from them.

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The smaller ones would be best... by the middle of next year they should be the same size as the larger ones for $35.

From my experience I try to plant only 1 gal trees. Anything more is to much work and watering time... probably because of the quanitity I plant each year.

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