starting figs from cuttings

budbackeast(FLORIDA)May 11, 2012

When I was a kid, my dad started figs by cutting a branch and just stabbing it into the earth. Worked every time. I recently took some cutting and had to trim them down before preparing them. As an experiment, I cut them shorter and took the 'throw away stick pieces' and just stabbed them into a pots of commercial garden soil. Well, the ones I was nurturing failed, but here is a picture of the ones I wasn't planning to keep.

Maybe I'm just trying too hard or trying to be too clever in starting figs. The good old "stabbing-a-stick-into-the-ground" technique isn't doing so badly. Not what I really expected.

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Well, Bud--That's great.

I'm not too good with cuttings, but I'm trying. I've stuck some cuttings into potting soil and they're on my carport, so we'll see what happens.


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Hey Noss,

Lafayette, LA, eh? I'm a Louisana guy trapped in a Florida suburb. I make gumbo, jambalaya and all that. Tell me, in Cajun Country, are there any recipes which include figs. You know, beyond sweet deserts and all. Is there a gumbo with figs?

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Aw, mais non, Sha, I don't have any savory recipes for figs, but I been tinkin--I bet dat fig jam wit some hot peppers, onions an' dat garlic would be reel tasty, yeah. ;)

If you wan', I could round up a buncha Cajun fellas an' dey could pole dem pirogues over near you an' rescue you from dat nasty place what holdin' you prisna. Jes say de word an' dey' be dere reel fas'.


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Hey noss,

I've been gone for maybe 30 years. You have the pronunciation down perfect.

I've been working on building a fig orchard, and I finally finished it yesterday. I'll make up a new posting now regarding it.

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Your dad knew what was what! I started these as dormant cuttings a couple of weeks ago and did this and tried the zip bags with the sphagnum moss at the same time. The zip bag guys are lounging and not doing much but look at this:

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Hi Bud,

Saw the video and it's really a professional-looking production. Nice little trees, too.

We've lived here since '67 and I love the Cajun accent. I hammed it up a little-heh. I love it, love it, love it and never get tired of hearing it.


Do you know if there are roots on those babies? They're looking good. I've got some cuttings in pots now, trying that out. Hope I get as good results as you've gotten here.


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Noss - I have absolutely no clue. I am going to leave them be (unless we get a really dry spell, then I may cloche them) until I see roots poking out the bottom of the pots or until they are dead. Which ever comes first LOLOL!


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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

LOL, Alexa!

I would hope you wouldn't dig them up to see if they have roots. I finally did that on a little tree that I got that had been winter killed-back and it was just a little stump. It sat there and sat there and sat there doing nothing. I finally dumped it out of the pot this afternoon and it was stone-cold dead. :(((((

It was one I really wanted, but unlike the one it came with which had lots of feeder roots, this one had some of those thick roots, with only a few feeder roots and it wasn't enough to keep it alive.

By cloche, you mean put something over them to preserve moisture?


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Loved reading the printed Cajun dialect. Reminded me of the old Justin Wilson TV show that I used to watch. The first time I heard dat "Jus-stan" talkin' dat Cajun lingo, I thought: "This guy's got to be kidding"! After 10 minutes into the show, I wished he was my uncle.



New Yawk winters can be pretty cold, and snowy. I was thinking that I would steep some chopped-up, dry mission figs in some good Brandy, add a little sugar and let it sit for 6 months,... then strain/filter out the solids, and take a sip now and them to warm my bones after shoveling snow. The strained pulp would go on top of some vanilla ice-cream. Yes, No?

I saw a TV show "Daisy Cooks" where she used dry figs in a savory chicken sauce, along with some olives, peppers garlic, etc. It looked delicious, and I'd have no problem polishing off a plate of that food.

My Italian heritage draws me to "these foodish things"... : )


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Hey Y'all!

Thanks for the follow-ups. Since my post, I've stumbled up on a great system for self-watering of container plants. This guy is a genuine genius. LARRY HALL'S SYSTEM is as good as it gets, is cheap to build and can keep your plants/trees perfectly watered all season long. Just click the above link. I have to build something like what he did. I just must!

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