Not sure what to do????

rgvnewf(z5 NL,Canada)May 15, 2013

I am hearing that you can kill your rooted fig cutting when transferring from cups to bigger pots. I have 8 beautifully rooted cuttings in clear plastic cups in a "humidity box" and I want to get them transferred to bigger pots. I have been gradually opening the top of my box (so humidity has been dropping) and I am seeing new growth, so I want to get them potted up to larger pots. Is it time to do it yet and am I still at risk of losoing my trees. I would hate to do anything now that would put me at risk of losing them after this time. This is my first attempt at rooting cuttings and it has been successful to this point

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I have seen some very helpful videos on UTube by NewEnglandGardener about rooting cuttings and transplanting figs, have you seen them yet? Watching these videos may help you.

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Just don't use very large pots start with reasonable size and after some growth you can re pot. Unreasonable large pots tend to accumulate water and get the roots to rot.

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Best after up-potting, move plants to humidity box for at least 2 to 3 weeks. Make sure fast draining medium(perlite & bark mulch) used in potting soil & use 1 gal size pots. Good to use a ratio top soil 50% to fast draining media.Treehugger2012 advise is excellent. Larger pots hold much more moisture to kill young plants. Not forgetting make extra drain holes in plastic 1 gal pots. Perched water is enemy No.1. Filtered sunlight, especially morning sun is great.

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