Bent 'Ogon' Gold Rush Redwoods

visionsofpaintSeptember 28, 2012

I purchased a couple of Ogon redwoods from the Habitat for Humanity Reuse store, they are both really healthy looking and have long leaders. The problem is one of my leaders is bent almost to the ground. It has only been in the ground for three days, but it looks kind of sad. It is already showing healthy buds of new growth. Will it lift it's leader on its own or do I need to stake it? If so, how do I do that without harming the tree? I can post a picture tomorrow if I need to. (too dark tonight!)

I've never had a redwood. I'm a gardening novice, really, but at $8 for a seven foot leader, I couldn't resist the beautiful foliage.



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Hi Ashley. If by that ^ you mean you got a 7 ft. dawn redwood, "Ogon" cultivar for 8 bucks, indeed a good buy. We'll have to see a pic to figure out what to tell you next!


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dcsteg(5 Shawnee, KS.)


Did you purchase the one with the leader already bent to the ground growing that way? Or is the leader disproportionately to tall and thin to support itself. In any case you need to stake to get it vertical. If growing that way it could be a challenge to get it vertical. We will need to see a photo. If to week to stand on its own drive a narrow stake next to the trunk and secure the leader to it. Buy the stretch tape and narrow aluminum stake at your local nursery. The stakes come in different lengths.

Something seems amiss. I have never observed this tree with a leader to weak to stand on its own. Possibly grown in crowded conditions with not enough sun light along with nutrient deficient soil as contributing factors.


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I just bought one a couple of months ago and when small they do least all of the 8-10 of the same size the nursery had were all staked to prevent drooping. (From Iseli, I'm fairly sure).

Once again, the deer simply cannot resist anything I plant on my berm.

I sprayed everything with an egg, pepper, soap and water concoction and I think I missed the 'Ogon' and that made it a tempting target. I'm hoping that since it is close to the end of the season it will just go dormant and survive.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

really need a pic of OP's plant... for any real useful answers ...

i wonder how big the pot was ...

8 bucks for a 7 foot $300 plant is.. indeed a bargain

if a mis-type.. 7 inches.. do what johnny did ..

if 7 footer.. who knows..


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My Ogon is 33 inches tall and was $39 which is about the going price around here.

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

It grows thin and fast for me in a fair amount of sun so I understand the desire to stake.

This tree really grows and at any price for an 8 footer there is money to be made. I gotta get a grafting or rooting mine!

Think mine was $30 something for 30 or so inches a few years back. Looked like a branch off a regular metasequoia for a year or so and has really taken off.

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