Fig tree doesn't produce any figs!

jennsulliMay 24, 2007

Hi, My mom and I have 2 beautiful fig trees. They are well established and have been so for 3 or 4 years now. In that time they have never ever produced a flower or fig. They get big and leafy, but never do anything else. We've tried different fertilizers, we've pruned it to within an inch of it's life and still nothing.

A friend a few miles from us has the same type of tree, does absolutely nothing to it, doesn't even water it, and produces tremendous amounts of fig.

So, can you help? Anyone have any hints? I don't know what kind it is, it was given to us from a fellow gardener in Louisianna.



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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

If they are seedlings, they may never have fruit.

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Jenn, If it isn't a seedling, and the mother tree produces, there are other possibilities. Some varieties are known for rampant growth at the expense of fruit. One that has been mentioned at length on the FF is Danny's Delight. Hopefully, they will settle down with age.
Another is that you are contributing to this type of behavior by treating it too well. Figs don't really need a lot of fertilizer or water (it's been said that it leads to less flavor, "watery" figs and even less hardiness - see the link below for a thread with sergnic, an Italian grower's, input). And a variety that's inclined to be vegetative is going to be encouraged to continue with a lot of nitrogen and moisture.
If the nearby friend's tree isn't from the same mother tree that yours is, you really can't compare them. Even plants of the same variety from different sources can behave differently (strange as it sounds). But, in my opinion, it wouldn't hurt to do "absolutely nothing" to your tree - TLC isn't working.

Here is a link that might be useful: Italian Fig Grower

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Get a cutting Or a layer cutting with roots from your friend a few miles away,and that one will fruit.
Mainwhile,Cut the two and run over with rhe mower any time you cut the grass till thei live no more.A New Jersey Fig Grower!

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What can i do if i want my fig tree to produce figs but is not? The to mother trees that i have are about 8 ft and produce but the cuttings that i take that ive been taking for 3 years have not produced any. Any tips to help them?


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