Fig Bears no Fruit ...

meatchickenMay 23, 2010

I have a question hope someone can help...

I have 3 Figs in my yard.

2 are originally branch transplants from the same "heirloom" variety that an ancestor originally planted in the 1920's .. Figs look similar to Brown turkey photos. Been there 12 years & are both doing fine , figs are ripe Sept or Oct most seasons in my climate. I never cover them in winter. Even in Some very harsh seasons, the canes may die back to the ground over winter, but by July they grow back to 5-7ft tall & loaded with immature fruit.. Other seasons, like this year, most canes survived the winter fine, & have leafed out ..

** The other Fig was given to us about 7-10 yrs ago, & is supposed to be a 'white fig' variety .. However it has never produced fruit, not even immature fruit ..

Canes get large, sometimes taller than the heirloom, & leaves look healthy .. Any Ideas??

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If you had it for 7 yrs,and never produced ,fruits,it is not worth growing it.
Get a piece of wire cable ,tie,it at base,and conect the other end of cable to your truck,rear , bumper,and then,push the accelerator a little with truck in Drive 3.

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Dennis AKA Snaglpus(8a)

Heheheheh. Very good advise Herman. I can't stop laughing. Very good advise. Dennis

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