Annuals for Shade Planter?

northspruce(z3a MB CDA)May 27, 2009

I don't know why I can't think of anything besides impatiens. I have this huge concrete planter that I had to move to dappled shade under a plum tree. It's the only place it still looks good after DH ran over it with his van and broke one side off it... aaaah.

Can anyone suggest good annuals for mostly shade in a planter? That garden is all blue & white but I'll consider anything.

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Plants for a shade planter--Begonias--I like the non-stop they are rose shaped flowers about 3 inches across in all kinds of colors, but there are many kinds of Begonias, coleus--try the lime green it really pops in the shade, fuchsia and lobelia also I have lamium and I steal pieces of it for my shade planters.

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Blue and white eh. Nonstop begonias come in white as does fuchia You can get several shades of blue lobelia to trail over the sides and licorice plant has silver grey trailing leaves and is one I missed before

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My Snapdragons do better in the shade than the sun. I even grow Petunia & A couple of Datura on the north side of the neighbors house,that did well in gumbo

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Schizanthus does well in the shade and pansy. Also Forget me not.

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Thanks for the suggestions! I tried to respond yesterday but GW is acting funny on my computer lately. I ended up doing blue lobelia and white begonias and double impatiens.

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If you got the non-stop beginias you can save the tubers for next year. If you've never done this, then this is what I do.

After frost has touched it but before it is really frozen--so the tuber isn't frozen--dig it out and cut off the top. Wash off the soil and let dry for a while. You don't want it bone dry but you don't want it wet either. Then bury it in a bed of dry peat moss in a colored container with a lid. If the container is big enough you can put in more than one. Store in a dark cool--but not freezing--place, If you have a fruit cellar it is perfect.

Around the first of February, pot it up and put it in a warm place. Don't water too much at first, just keep it moist. It doesn't need sunlight yet just heat, and patience, because it won't show growth for 3 weeks or a month. It's busy making roots. When it shows a leaf then move it into the sunlight, or under grow lights.

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