So who really cooked this summer compared to normal?

whaas_5a(5A SE WI)September 10, 2012

Honestly I felt bad complaining all summer long but here is just another example of the pure pillage that took place.

According to this group, Wisconsin compared to normal, was the worst in the nation.

To all those that where pushed to their limits, lets hope that we are on tap for an average year. It surely can't get any worse right?

Sure as hell won't take a cloudy or rainy day for granted again.

Here is a link that might be useful: 2012 Record Temps

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dcsteg(5 Shawnee, KS.)


My Dad went through the terrible times of heat, drought and dust storms of the 30's not to mention the depression.

"It surely can't get any worse right"?


What happened this year wouldn't make a pimple on a hippopotamus ass if doing a comparison.

It's time to put this worn out subject matter to bed.

Count your losses and be thankful it was not any more destructive.

Spring will wipe the slate clean.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

man.. i feel for you ..

you were making a science out of it.. taking all our successes.. and our failures.. collating all the science .. perusing all the sellers .. and man .. really .. all set to go on theory and ambition ..

and what happens..

mother nature sexually abuses you ...

mull that one for a moment.. lol ...

she is the one variable.. that we really have no control over ...

perhaps we ought to chip in .. and send you a case of scotch .. because God knows.. what she has planned for winter ... and its not like you can run out there in 20 below with a nice winter wind whipping the tundra .. and do anything about it all .. an alcohol induced haze is about all you have as a coping mechanism ....


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Cher(6 SW OH)

We definitely cooked this summer also, so my sympathies to the others that had the same problems and lost lots due to this weather.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

For some areas it probably was a pimple. After you got over 5" of rain I'm sure that is how you feel.

But in some areas of WI, this WAS the worst drought and heat in over 100 years for the period between 6/1 and 8/31. I'd call that a big deuce dropping so not even my great grandpa had the privilage of getting blasted to this degree.

Heat is finally over but the drought still persists.

I'm surely going to enjoy Sept through Dec. Don't want to think about Feb and Jan quite yet!

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Wettest summer here for 100 years, and 3rd wettest ever. Chilly as well, nothing higher than 24�C. A thoroughly rotten summer.


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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

It was hot and dry as a bone here Whaas. Reminded me almost of Arizona.

I watered alot and have a couple trees I am emotionally invested in so I hope they pull through.

The most depressing thing is about the big trees. I read this can put them on a path to decline or let whatever bug have an easier start.

In the big sense this was comparable to a dust bowl year so I expect to see it again if I live long enough.

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I try not to get too emotional about the weather, but this summer has been very, very difficult. Like fans at a Packer tailgate party, it came early and stayed late. Wisconsin seems to be full of hot air lately, so I suppose we shouldn't be too surprised. I have no idea what make of the brutally hot & dry weather, but the trees along with too many people are totally stressed. Like you, Whaas, I'm looking for cooler temps and cooler heads.

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monkeytreeboy15(Zone 7b/8a)

Abies procera really suffered in the PNW.. I lost a few of the small, tight ones probably because of a lack of water and intense sunlight on their bluish needles...


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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Basic- welcome back, it's been a while. I hope to be one of those "come early and leave right at the end" fans on Thursday.


P.S. Ice fishing can't be far away...

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salicaceae(z8b FL)

It was probably average or even slightly below here due to the frequent rainfall. We made very good progress toward wiping out our long term drought (though not completely). I always get tired of summer this time of year. It is nice to have winter wipe the slate clean - even here where winter is a relative term.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Looks like we are all (mostly) looking forward to fall.

TJ, most the tickets are owned by the baby boomers. I just have to wait my turn to get on the list. In the meantime I get there very early and leave very late for the Badgers. Nothing to brag about this year but I'll take this atmosphere anyday.

Basic, I can't tell if you where talking politics or sports so I'll stay away eitherway!

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eric_9b(z9b Orlando)

It was rather average here. Temperatures and rain. But summer here averages low to mid 90s for highs and low to mid 70s for lows. I'm glad we did not have a hotter/drier than normal summer like most did.

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Jon 6a SE MA

46 degrees the other morning. Higher than average rain. A few hot spells, but on average a good summer with full or over full rivers, lakes and ponds.

2 years ago I spent the winter shoveling massive amounts of snow. Last year I bought a snowblower and used it 3 times (needed it once). The only thing certain about the weather is that it will change.

As they say in New England; if you don't like the weather "wait a while".

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

84 yesterday, 40 tonight...nice little swing there!

Still dry as a rock here! I waited 2 weeks for today and all I got was a sprinkle that might have filled Dave's KC gauge.

Grass is about to go dormant again and I was hoping to take care of those damn weeds before winter hits.

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Yes Whaas, what I disgustingly meager rain! I had hopes of this one doing something, what with the large temp swing. Not to be, the front is already well past us.


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One week ago today it was it will be a high of 65. Welcome to Oklahoma.


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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

The weather is seriously comical this year. High temps have been almost 10 degrees above average for most of September. And its still bone dry. I had to use a pick ax to get through some of the soil.

A forecasted 32 degrees tomorrow night could potenially bring a frost that is almost a month earlier than typical.

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Another piddly-*ss rain. To illustrate how dry it is here, we've got a stream restoration project going on. A part of this consists of removing clay subsoil that is though to contain sand (I'm not buying it) and replacing with different clay. This clay is too dry to compact to engineering standards! Clay that has to be wet down before use! That's a new one.


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