Whats been in bloom June

silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)June 16, 2013

Its been soggy and not sunny , whatever weeds you see are totally in your imagination=P

Usually my favorite time of day is to take pictures early evening, magic time here in Maine, with the diffused lighting and dappled shade, but you will be hard pressed to even find a sunny evening here right now.

Peony Felix Crousse showing both its stamens and hiding them..

Blue Flag Iris, I haven't ever planted these, I have a white version as well, they sort of just show up in any garden Ive ever planted.

Hansa, big powerful scent, heavily sweet, fades to clove spice.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, feasting on Knuatia Macedonia "pastels"

bud on Fruhlingsduft, its a spicy scent on this rose, doesn't seem that powerful, but cut a few and bring them in and you really can smell them.

Not all flowers here.. been harvesting spinach and lettuce for weeks, my peas are almost ready as well.

Painted Daisy (robinson red, I have a light pink and dark pink version as well)

Leucanthemum Vulare.. common name is oxeyed daisy, I keep some around in the back of the gardens, they make good filler plants.. However they can spread, I do cut mine all down every year.

Double Scots white bush form

Close up...

Sparrows nest, nestled in my Quadra climbing rose..

first bloom on Quadra

Blue Flax (linum)

One of my dozen or so Tall bearded Iris

Camassia, a Northwest native, first saw it at Sharon Whitneys Japanese Iris farm early one year, found it locally for sale and picked it up.

Pink Pocket Weigela

I will stop for now..


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I loved the tour of your blooms silverkelt, it looks beautiful and cool where you are!

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cyn427 (zone 7)


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Beautiful gardens,and a good variety of colors.TFS

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Such lush green backdrops. I'd like that lettuce on my table tomorrow. Pink Pocket grows how tall?

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Very nice gardens. Where did you find the seeds for those eggs?

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Just so beautiful silverkelt--thank you for sharing so many lovely pictures. My peonies are just finishing up and the blanket flower & Echinacea are gearing up for their show but Campanula/bellflower, early wild daisies & Dianthus/carnations are offering a colorful display during the transition. Like the song from Carousel, June is busting out all over.

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Oh, I love that peony! Are the stems sturdy enough that you don't have to stake it? Camassia is such a great plant. I'm not sure why it's not more widely offered and planted. Definitely one of my favorites in the spring.
Thanks for sharing such great pictures of wonderful spring goodies!

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Wonderful variety of color and textures. That Iris is lovely.

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silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)

Felix Crousse holds up very well with no staking, even in all of this ran its only nodded, Rasberry Sundae on the other hand I had to prop up with some cut maple stems a couple days ago.

Pink Pocket doesnt get that tall, maybe 3 feet total, but it has spread out to about 5 feet around.

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Everything looks so good What a nice tour of the blooms. I especially like those first peonies.

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Lovely! It looks like many flowers are thriving despite the large quantity of rain New England has received.

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