Early Fruiting??

baily2000May 3, 2010

Hi... I have two figs that i keep in containers. One White, one Brown variety. They are stored in my unheated enclosed porch area for the winter. Last week i moved then to the backyard for the season. They have their leaves and curiously they both have FIGS on them, small new formly figs(their not left over from last year) I'm thinking this is not right. Suggestions??

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

they're called breba and depending on the variety, they might be good, great or poor. Leave em be and try them, you might get two crops out of them this year (especially if the weather cooperates).

I've got figs on 4 of mine currently, myself.


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My large fig tree also develops fruits early (mid-April), but then when they are about the size of a pea they seem to just disappear into thin air. It has been suggested that the bluejays may be eating them, but I don't find even one left on the tree. This doesn't seem to hurt the harvest - usually in August.
Any thoughts/suggestions on this?

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peg919(Z6 CT)

Ah Ha, my potted figs have been out for some time. They should have been taken in during the cold spell following a mini heat wave. Unfortunately I couldn't do that but they have survived and are in full leaf, looking good. The bad part, probably no breba this year. Most trees had at least one or two. One tree had 7. They are all gone. I found some in the pots but as mentioned they just disappeared. Most likely the adverse weather and 55mph wind they had to endure. I was sort of counting on the 2 breba on my young Mission but they are gone too. Disappointing but almost time to start pinching and looking forward to a good main crop.

Good luck to all.


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I too had some some breba but they fall as usual,some on my VdB fell when i touched them but that ok,like peg i look forward to the main crop. The reason here is the weather each spring to cold.
Now if any decide to pop out still thats ok.
I do have a large one on my D.Port and a half dozen on my S Dark.

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