Cold Front moving into the state - so I went shopping! (2 pics)

sweetannie4u(midOK_z6b/7a)June 27, 2010

I turned on my weather radio this morning to see what the forecast was to be for today. Scattered Thunderstorms through my area this afternoon and tonight. It may get nasty, but I am okay with that. We need the moisture. The next several days it is supposed to drop into the 60s at night - that's 20 degrees cooler! The day temps will be about the same, but having cool nights will be marvelous.

So, while it seemed likely to rain and cool down a bit, I decided today might be a good day to drive that 25 miles into town and do my monthly grocery shopping. Of course when I got there I had to visit the garden center. The hot winds had damaged so many of their plants. They were fried and wind blown. Several pots were overturned. I looked through the rows and rows of scorched, parched plants. Nothing special or "cottagey". I was hoping to find a few pots of Maiden Grass to add to the garden. I love the look they contributes, but they were too damaged for me to pay that price. They looked ready for the compost! Then I found a beautiful orange Tropical Hibiscus. The pot was all dried out and the plant looked it too, but it had the prettiest orange bloom. So, it went into my cart. Orange is one color my garden needs. I LOVE orange flowers. Of course, it will have to be taken in this Fall. I have a beautiful emerald green glazed pot for it.

The bloom looks very much like a Carnation, except a bit looser in form. Each orange petal has ruffled edges with a base of magenta. It is about the same size as a Carnation too.

When I got home from shopping and put everything away, I put the plant in a bucket of cold water and set it in the shade. It was so dried out that the pot floated. I had to hold it down for several minutes until it soaked up enough water that the pot would rest on the bottom. Poor thing!

After it gets a good soaking, I will pot it up in a nice big pot in good soil. Wish I knew what variety it is so I would know how big it will get. If anyone on here knows, please tell me.

I took this one to show the size of the bloom in comparison to my hand. I think it is maller than my other Tropical Hibiscus. The plant itself is taller though.

So if you know her name, let me know, okay?

I hope we get a good soaking rain out of this cold front. I will be so thankful to get a break in the heat wave, if we actually do get one, even if it is just the night temps that will be cooler. I'll take it!

This evening if it isn't storming, I will plant the Tropical Hibiscus in the green pot and set it out in the garden.


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I don't know the name of it,but it looks like one i have and our bush is about 4 ft tall or so.

Did you get my reply to your email??

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beautiful that cold hardy? I'm with you--love orange flowers. they make everything else pop. orange primrose starting to bloom: From Kathy and Brad's garden in 2010

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Oh, thank you Kathi!
I think the big pot I have will accommodate it very well.

Yes I did get your reply, Kathi. What a lovely letter! I like newsy letters like that. Thank you for sharing.

I was just out taking some pictures of the Golden Rain tree in the front yard. It is blooming! Such a beautiful tree in bloom! All the blooms are on top.

It is filled with bees and butterflies after the nectar in those yellow blooms. What a site! That picture just doesn't do it any justice.

The storm is coming.

Thunder rumbling off in the distance sounds so good to me. Maybe we will get some rain out of it. I hope, I hope I hope.

Gotta go start a pot of chili con carne now for supper, but I will answer your email a little later.


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I hope you got your rain Annie. I love your beautiful orange hibiscus.

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Yimminies! They are gigantic!
You are right! Your garden is very colorful and yet those orange Primroses really do add something, don't they? Orange is a terrific complimentary color. Looks good with every color.

Thanks kay - Nope. No far. That earlier storm passed by us to the north and went on in a northeastern direction. Someone somewhere got some rain. Glad I watered again today. But, it is cooler out tonight. I know all the animals that live outside are happy about that. Poor things.

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Annie, we had the same thing happen late yesterday afternoon, storm heading our way, thunder, some lightening...sadly it passed us by too! I watered all yesterday morning.

I love that orange hibiscus..never seen one before. It is a beauty.

We are due for a cooler week, 80's and 60's. What a treat that will be after the 95 degree days and 72 degree nights.

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carrieburgess3(5 NS, Canada)

Annie- I am so glad you were able to rescue that beautiful orange hibiscus.


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dahli22, could you give the name of the type of primrose? Those looks so interesting!

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That is a stunning hibiscus! I also love orange (especially with purple).

Hope you get the rain. We are in our hottest month on record with many days of triple digits and no rain. It's not fun anymore. It's all that I can do to keep my annuals sown from seeds alive as they have been stunted by the heat and lack of moisture.


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We got our rain! Looks like a pretty good amount. Everything is thoroughly soaked. Amazing how much good the rain can do for plants.

Glenda, You have had much cooler night temps then we have had. It has been in the high 90s during the day and high 80s at night. At 1 o'clock in the morning the temps would still be in the mid to upper 80s. Awful.

Cameron, I am so sorry about your weather. I know the last time I flew to SC to see my daughter, I couldn't believe how brown everything was from Atlanta to SC. It was an olive green. I have never seen the South like that. The lakes were down really far and some almost dried up! I could see columns of smoke rising from the fires burning here and there all over. This must be the fourth or fifth year for you guys to be in drought conditions, huh? Man! We had a ten year drought and it was devastating. Nearly broke the banks because the farmers had no crops and the ranchers were having to sell off their livestock because there there was no hay to feed them. All the cattle ponds had dried up.

This year, all the rain and precip. we got in winter and this spring really made the difference. The trees were able to get moisture further down in the ground, so the plants closer to the surface are not having to compete with them for whatever there is near the surface. I have had to water every day through this Heat Wave, but everything is doing pretty good, considering this early hot weather. The only exception being the veggie garden - insects ruined my cool weather crops.

But even the areas further out where I never water look good. The garden phlox are the first to indicate drought. When they shrivel up, I know we are in drought.

It's still very overcast and gray out, so we might get more rain.

Hope this heat wave and drought ends for everyone... and moves on up to Washington where they could use a little heat and drying out.

BTW, has anyone heard from MeMo lately. She blew out her knee(s?) trying to move plants and do things she shouldn't be doing by herself. She doesn't have one person to help her when or how she needs it the most. Wondering if she is in the hospital. Oh dear! I am just heartsick for her over her beautiful cottage garden plans. She worked so hard at designing it and digging those beds and her veggie garden. Then digging up her plants out on the ranch and transplanting them, mulching them, babying them along, only to be told it would all have to be dug out. And to make matters worse, this all happened right when the heat wave hit. Good grief! I would have been devastated.
I worry about her.


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