Fig plant with dead brown branches/leaves

spetraccoMay 3, 2011

Every year my fig plant (don't know what kind) has a problem where sections turn brown and die. If there is any fruit on these sections, it withers and dies too. Any idea what it is?

Here is a picture:

Thank you,


Here is a link that might be useful: Picture of problem

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Looks like a SINGLE branch, somehow got suddenly
chewed-up (or something?) and died (including leaves).
Cheer-up, the rest of your fig-tree looks OK...

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Just prune it off...

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Have you checked that branch where the dead starts? We do have what they call a twig girder. They will make a cut around a branch and lay eggs on the branch. If it is you will see the bark removed in a ring where the branch starts to die. I do not know if they are in your area but here in Texas they are well known to many.

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