re introducing plant outdoor - advice please....!?

theman7676May 25, 2011

I have a fig tree that is growing in a pot. it was kept indoor for few months now as it was too cold for the outdoors. in the menawhile, it had grown some new leafs, some new branches and it even had some fruits before (but these come off)

its nice out so i wanted to take it out. i understand it should be a slower process so i only wanted to expose it to the sun for couple of hours or so, however i already can see that some of the new leafs are wilting off......

any advice please.....should i just keep the plant indoors now that its already has leafs and new growth?

i dont want the sudden shock to have bad impact on the tree

thank you so much

- for my other tree, it had some leafs and lots of fruit on it while it was indoors during late winter / early spring however i guess it one point it got cooler around the house while we were away and now all leafs and fruit are long gone and plan looks dormant/ almost dead

should i put it outdoors as well - at this stage??

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thebadseed(5B NJ)

I planted out one of a pair of 5 month old rooted cuttings about a month ago without hardening off. It lost 70% of its leaves (I think it got scalded by the sun too, although I put a chair over it as a canopy when I noticed it was unhappy) and I thought it was a goner, but today it finally put out new leaves. I presume this means it has settled in and will take off like a shot now. So, I would keep easing yours towards the sun...maybe figs drop leaves easily in protest? I don't have enough experience to know, but that's my suspicion.

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thank you for the reply. i actually noticed the next day that my plant seem fine and even the leafs/branches that were wilting off are just fine now
i do however have few leafs that are getting yellowish tones on them....not sure if that has anything to do with hardening the plant or not....!?

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