cheap greenhouse tarpauline in Eastern Europe

frozbigMay 25, 2010

Most of us are in North America but it could be of some usage to people in Europe. It might also be a viable option to import plastic if you are going to build a greenhouse on a large scale.

Recently, I was visiting the store LEROY MERLIN (something like Home depot) in Warsaw and I came across greenhouse tarp for a very good price.

the price was 37$ for a 6m by 5m tarp (something line 20 feet by 19 feet).
The company that produces the tarp is in Poland and they have several types of greenhouse tarps. see their website

If it was easy to carry I would surely take more of it. For that price it is a bargain!

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What is the tarp made of?

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Well, this was an adventure. The website is in Polish, and I figured out oferta is offers of their products? So I checked. It seems you need some kind of metal infrastructure to lay the tarp over. I clicked on several side links, and the pictures show basically what they are offering. It's hard for a girl to pass up a bargain, but I think I'll stick to Walmart for now.....

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Ottawan: I would have to inquire with the company. The only thing that they state on the packaging and website is "Made of horticulture film stabilized against UVÂÂ
Some of their tarpaulins have 3 layers of film but the sizes are just too big carry in a suitcase.

desertdance : it would defeat the purpose to travel all the way to eastern Europe just to buy greenhouse tarp. It was more an example for people coming here or anyone who lives on the borders of countries such as Hungary or Poland. (the polish website is also in English just click on the UK flag on the right side)

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