A new one and some seedlings

shive(6b TN)June 22, 2014

My new one is Petit's MYSTIC BUTTERFLY. It has a nice eye and a fabulous edge. The first blooms were about a week ago, and they keep getting better and better.

Comanche Magic seedling - This one is four or five years old. I will never register it because of the low bud count. But I keep it around because I like the blooms.

I only have three new seedlings blooming this season, I'm pleased with this one, a diploid UF out of True to Whim and Persian Pattern. It has very tall scapes and 15-16 buds in its first season.

BW X EM - a four year old seedling that is growing in part shade now that the neighbor's trees have gotten so tall and wide. It doesn't have the bud count it needs to be registered growing in these conditions, but there's a lot I like about it. I hope to line it out in full sun after it finishes blooming.

SANGRIA WITH MIA - I registered this diploid seedling earlier this year as having 19 buds. This year it showed it could do even better, with the scape that gets the most sun sporting 33 buds.


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Sangria looks very promising indeed. How large is the bloom? The second seedling also caught my eye as having a lot of pizzazz.

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Sangria with Mia definitely needed to be registered, and I love both of your purple seedlings. I'm guessing the second one is Bali Watercolor x ? Not sure what the EM is. Both are beautiful.

I never pay attention to whether a cultivar is tet or dip, since I don't hybridize, and I still find plenty of diploids that I need to add to the garden. Have you had many diploid seedlings?

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shive(6b TN)

Mantis - Sangria With Mia has a 6.5 inch bloom on 46 inch scapes.

Chris - The seedling you asked about is Bali Watercolor X Electric Mist. Most of the dips I have are spidery ones or late bloomers. I sometimes cross those.


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HoosierBob SW Indiana Zone 5

Debra, thanks for the posting with all the nice pictures. My 'pick of the litter' is your seedling BW x EM. I think it was an inspired cross and is prettier than either parent. The markings on the sepals are outstanding...they're as large as those on the petals. I hope you register it and it becomes available...I would buy it for sure. Bob

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shive(6b TN)

Bob - Thanks for your comments about the Bali Watercolor seedling. It's been a favorite seedling of mine since its maiden bloom.


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When do you remove and pot them up? VT Spirit is loaded with them-2 or 3 per scape.

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Julia NY(6)

Very nice Debra. Love your seedlings....all of them and the buds on your registered one is outstanding in the pic.


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hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)

Debra, really nice pictures. I love your seedlings. Sangria with Mia is lovely. I really like the rich color, dark eye and green throat. The Bali Watercolor seedling has such a nice shape and such a huge green throat--hope the bud count improves after you line it out.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

wow DEbra. I really like your new one this year,and I LOVE all of your seedlings, they are all gorgeous.


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Debra, Mystic Butterfly is gorgeous. I really like both the last two seedlings, and am quite drawn to the second one. great Job.

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shive(6b TN)

Hokierusty - I think you may be referring to prolifs. The seedlings I am showing were grown from seeds made by hybridizing two daylilies. Here are the direction to growing more of a cultivar from a proliferation. Wait until the scapes are finished blooming and the prolifs have started to form roots. Then cut the proliferation off the scape including some of the scape in your cutting, pot, and put in a shady place until your new little plant is growing well.

Nan, Julia, Jean and Kay - Thanks for your comments!


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Sangria is a real eyecatcher.

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