Sunday's Summary of Blooms

shive(6b TN)June 15, 2014

It seems like overnight there's lots blooming here. Unfortunately, the thrips are trying to move back in and colonize, so lots of the flowers don't look as good up close as they do from a distance.

ETHEL BUCCOLA - just a little piece of round, ruffled perfection.

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shive(6b TN)

I'm trying to upload the next few from Photobucket. They seem to have changed the coding.

Precious Candy seedling



Trimmer seedling looking very recurved this morning.



Here's Sun Bear X Julie Newmar, a second year seedling that looked more red than lavender last year. I don't know if this color change is permanent, or just because of the cool night.

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Not much sign of thrips on these. I like Pretty Desirable; it has a dashing pizzazz to it in this picture. How is the bud count on that one, as Webster's Pink Wonder never has great bud count here? Ethel Buccola is a wonderful performer here. I don't know why it isn't more popular--perhaps some shy away from anything "orange."

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Nice Sunday summary! Of course Bullfrog Kisses is beautiful as always, and I like Precious Candy seedling today

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

oh1these are so pretty,like ETHEL BUCCOLA is very nice one.I think my favorites in these are Precious Candy seedling and the last one.gorgeous;


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Your Trimmer, Bullfrog Kisses and Precious Candy seedling are the standouts for me today. How old is the seedling?

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shive(6b TN)

Mantis - Pretty Desirable had 23-25 buds last year. This year the scape that gets the most sun may rival that, but it appears most scapes in the clump will have 18-20.

Chris - The Precious Candy seedling is three years old and up to 11 fans now. Last year it more than doubled, so It will likely be a future registration.


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Maryl zone 7a

I like the Precious Candy Seedling. The white stripe down the middle of the petal really sets it off.....Maryl

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All beautiful, but the seedlings and Bullfrog Kisses are my favorites.

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Julia NY(6)

Nice group Debra. ETHEL BUCCOLA was one I was looking for last year but never found it. I love the eye on it.Blooms seem to be coming more frequent for you now.


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shive(6b TN)

Maryl and Ruth - Thanks for the comments about the seedlings.

Julia - The blooms are coming on strong now, but there aren't many buds on the early bloomers. I've been fighting the worst thrip war I've ever had too, so I haven't taken as many photos as in past years.


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