White Daylilies

alameda/zone 8June 7, 2012

I just bought a plant of Joan Senior with lots of buds and blooms. I have never added any "white" colored lilies to my collection, but find I really like this one. I would like some suggestions of other good "white" colored lilies to add. I know there is no pure white, but Joan Senior seemed close enough and want to start adding more of this color. Would love to see any photos! Thanks!


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Judith, Joan Senior is a excellent plant to begin with. I have only Joan, Heavenly Angle Ice, Margo Reed Indeed (different forms) and Artic Lace and Carolina Sugar Daddy.

Others will be sure to give you names of other near whirtes.

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I was just thinking that I need more whites :) I would love to have Arctic Lace, looks great in pictures, and Last Snowflake.
From the old ones I have Lime Frost. Until a few days ago it grew right near Joan Senior, and Lime Frost looks whiter to me. I like to pair them with reds.

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'Joan Senior' is definitely a favorite near white. 'Silver Run' is also a good small white, and I just acquired 'Little Infant', which is in the background of many near whites. Excited to see it bloom.
My favorite near white tets are 'Great White' and 'Wedding Band'.

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shive(6b TN)

Winter Treasure is the whitest white I grow. Arctic Lace and Last Snowflake are great too!



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mizellie(z7 Al)

Mal is a nice large white and Knights in White Satin. I second Winter Treasure. it's a honey..Ellie

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I have a number of near-white daylilies: Michael Miller, Great White, Joan Senior, Quality of Mercy, Knights in White Satin, Presumed Innocent, Winter Springs, Lambertson seedlings (2), and a beautiful Presumed Innocent seedling that I plan to register this year.

Joan Senior and Michael Miller are the whitest daylilies in our garden. Last year, Michael Miller was pure white by the middle of the day. It is difficult to set a pod on it.

J. T. Davis and Presumed Innocent are pretty white by noon but they do have gold edges. Both are great parents.

Walking in Beauty is mostly white here in my garden. It is new this year but I haven't been able to achieve any crosses with it either way.

Beautiful Edgings does have some pink, but it is mostly white, a vigorous grower with a long blooming season.

The problem with Michael Miller is that it is very slow, if at all, to increase here. I've had it five years, and it only increased by one fan. A worker broke the new fan and it did not grow back. It is presently dying, I am sorry to say. I am undecided as to whether to replace it or not. It does have a beautiful big bloom.

Quality of Mercy has performed very well this year, with consistently perfect round blooms.

I hope this helps.


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These have already been mentioned, but here is more pictures. I love these.
Artic Lace

Winter Treasure

Victorian Lace is another good one, but I couldn't find any pictures.

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bourret(z5a Maine)

Mike Huben in Massachusetts has diploid, white rebloomers. I highly recommend his ICE TRUMPETS, VANILLA STELLA, ACE UP MY SLEEVE and SNOWY STELLA. Here's a link to view his introductions:



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Nancy zone 6

The whitest one I have-other than a white seedling I grew-has been Gentle Shepherd. An oldie, but a nice plant.

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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

Regarding HEAVENLY ANGEL ICE and MARGO REED INDEED, both are northern plants. Does anyone have experience with how they perform in hot climates?


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Waitforspring(6 MA)

Here are a couple of my favorites--both dips.

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alameda/zone 8

These are beautiful lilies! Am making a list! I was at a nursery today and there were 2 lilies with loads of buds....I could tell they were a white color, but no tag. The girl who waited on me said they were Joan Senior - but the scapes were really tall - the JS I bought previously had med. tall scapes, but not as tall as these. There are lots of new buds on the scapes - couldnt resist these 2 on sale at $6.50 each! So whatever they are....am sure they will be lovely! There are quite a few on this thread that I would really like to acquire. I think some dark and light purple petunias would look gorgeous planted around them while they are blooming - fuschia too. This is a color I have not used in daylilies before - I see lots of landscaping possibilities!

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Nate, My Heaven;y Angel Ice is doing great. I have posted a lot of blooms, had up to fourr at the time, and it is still blooming (2 today) plus has put up 2 re-bloom scapes.

Margo Reed Indeed is still a small plant...may need moved, but is blooming now.

I am in zone 8.

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