Coming out of Winter

cuddywhifferMay 13, 2011

I have about 100 fig plants from last year. I dealt with them in three different ways and can pass on my experience with them. I kept plants in a cold room, buried some in the garden, and others in a large mulch pile with a couple of feet of mulch over them. In this part of the world we often get 2 to 4 feet of snow for insulation too.

My best experience by far was in a mulch pile. I lifted the plants (two to six feet tall) and dropped them into pots when they were dormant in October and early November. I stacked them and laid them down in a six foot by six foot area, one on top of the other, put stakes in, to show where the edges were and buried them with mulch. I took them out, carefully, in mid April after the snow had gone, left them in their pots, and they are now in my greenhouse, in ground, not in pots, and thriving. There are many with breba figs (Black Jack). I lost none.

The bigger ones that I buried in the garden were a nightmare to get out. I damaged them more than I liked, and I seem to have set them back. The ones in the cold room (small ones), sprouted early and were put into a bright area in the house. When I put them out, they got hit by wind and scorched by sun. My early start, was not an early start.

This Fall, everything is going into the mulch pile.

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I hope all your trees will starting good growth soon, then forming the fig embryos and then the start of anticipation of ripe fig fruits. Enjoy the summer.
I stored in two ways; some in a cold cellar and some in heated garage kept at (or under) 10C with a smal heater occasionally opening the door (if needed) for very short period and letting the cold air blast in . The ones stored in the cellar had plump stem and are happily budding or already with small leaves. However, the ones stored in the garage have stems that are wrinkled (but show greenness under the bark and are taking time to green up. I suspect that some may not green up at all but it is too earlt to be sure of that. I believe the probllem could have been very low humidity in the garage kept at under 10C with a heater. I hope it will be a good summer (though the next 7 days are cloudy and rain).

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