Can I spray Miracle Grow weekly on my Blue Spruce???

nokiSeptember 13, 2006

Only joking... o_0

So what do people use to fertilize conifers, if anything? Shrubs? Small Trees? Big trees? In the fall?

Some guys seem to indicate that they fertilize.

compost? organic material? artificial? peat moss? just mulch, what kind?

So what do you do? or nothing?

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Most of the time, nothing is just fine. Conifers are generally adapted to growing on very poor soils in nature, and don't need anything extra.

Definitely not peat moss. That belongs in peat bogs, a rare and endangered habitat with a unique flora that is being destroyed to satisfy the horticulture trade


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

trees/conifers need nothing after transplant... other than a period of watering to aid establishment ... mulch will reduce evaporation to help in PROPER watering ..

the ONLY exception is if you are in the tree industry .. and repeatedly cycle plants through the same soil .. and need to have soil test and amendments to insure your investment ...

remove all competing weeds. ... and add some mulch to keep the weeds out.. and they will be just peachy ...

start with a soil test IF you suspect something is lacking in your soil ....

as the tree matures ... it doesn't even need the mulch .... EXCEPT to keep you away from it with the lawnmower and the weedwhip ....

try a walk in a forest .... and study how nature takes care of itself .... i suggest you are overthinking it all ... forests are self-mulching ...

good luck to you, and your trees/conifers ...


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