My Iraqi fig tree

rafedMay 13, 2010

This cutting was given to me by a very well known member to whom I'm most grateful to in receiving.

He sent it to me back in November or 09 and followed the 1,2,3 step process into rooting it, cleaning, baggie and potting it.

I placed into a 20oz. cup sometime around Jan. or Feb. and as you can see its been a success.

Glad to have something positive from back home.This fig means alot to me and I have a very special pot for it.

My daughter will her First Holy Communion this Saturday and when we come home from church I will re-pot it into a 1gl. pot and place that pot into the special pot I have for it and fill with mulch to make it look full.

I don't know anything about this fig.

But I hope it's like the one my grandparents had, It was large and dark.

I was about 5 years old at that time and I will be 43 next month, What a great memory.

The way it looks to me I think this tree will do great and grow and hope I will be able to share cuttings with the regular members. Only time will tell.

The only thing is I'd like to give it a name. But has to be something relevant with back home. Something historical.


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Rafed, I have this same tree (3 ft tall). I have quarter sized figs on it. I would love to share pics with you.

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I just updated my profile.
What all can you tell me about this fig?


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Hey Rafed,Great looking fig tree.Good luck with it.God bless your daughter at here first holy communion.
Your friend

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girlbug2(z9/10, Sunset zone 24)

You could name it after the city that the original was found in, if you know it. Or name it after one of your grandparents.

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Nice tree. You look like 33 Rafed. For your birthday any wish list for any particular fig tree ? Congrats on your daughter's holy communion.

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Good luck with your tree it looks nice and happy in its early stages.

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I do want a Ficus Carica: El Dinero Fig ( Money Tree ) for my birthday.
But someone said it doesn't produce well and very hard to maintain.


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There are some old Cajun stories that claim when the French established a colony in Louisiana in 1682 that they planted several of those money fig trees. I have yet to find one in all of my fig hunting trips throughout my area. Maybe the Spanish took all those trees elsewhere when they assumed control of La. in the mid 1700's. When and if I do ever find one, you will be the first to receive some cuttings.


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I think our chances of finding the goose that lays the Golden Eggs would be greater.


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I re-potted this rooted cutting yesterday.
I placed it in a 1gl. pot and placed the pot in the larger pot and filled with mulch to make it look full.

I will be leaving again in the morning and won't be back for a week or two so I took some pics to compare and share.

I hope you enjoyed them,


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