Should I prune this Arnold Red honeysuckle?

ostrich(3a AB)June 11, 2014

I guess last winter was really rough. Even my tough as nail Arnold Red honeysuckle suffered!!! Look:

When I scratched on the branches, they appeared to be not really dead (I think). However, they are just not budding out. However, in the meantime, there is some aggressive growth coming up from the ground! It is so fast that I see daily growth!!!

What should I do? Should I just leave it alone and see what happens? OR just prune off all of the non-budding branches now (pretty much ALL of them then!)?

I would very much appreciate your advice! Thanks.

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

I have a very old honeysuckle in this old yard (2, in fact) and I prune them heavily every two years or so. I prune them lightly twice a year and they come in really nice on new wood. Tough as nails! They are about 10 feet tall and about 60 odd years old. Both have been hacked right to the ground many times. I would just prune off the old wood and see how she grows. :)


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I would prune the dead looking wood.

Love your blue lupin, ostrich! After numerous attempts over the years, I was finally able to get mine from seedling stage to overwinter then blooming stage and they ended up being an insipid lilac colour, sigh.

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ostrich(3a AB)

Thanks Ginny and Donna! I am gonna prune that sucker hard then!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Thanks!

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