very low hanging branches on young fig tree

stepandfetch(NC 7B)May 5, 2010

I bought an Improved Celeste fig tree in early March from Just Fruits and Exotics. The tree is growing beautifully.. it has put on about 4-5 inches of growth and many large leaves. Anyway, the tree was in the perfectly pruned shape for the bush- type fig growth, but as the tree has put on more and more growth, two of the main branches have been leaning lower and lower. They are now about 3 inches off the ground, and nearly parallel to the ground.

What should I do about these? So far I have just let them thrive, but the leaves are almost resting on the ground. The branches are not leaning for lack of water.

Should I tie the branches up to a higher angle away from the ground or maybe wedge a rock between the ground and the branch to raise it up? If I tied them up to a higher angle, would they eventually grow in that angle without my support?

much thanks

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You can leave them and let them hang or you can tie them to a stick or what ever. That's the nature of the fig trees.
Not too sure as to why they lean sometimes but I'm guessing the new growth can't support its own weight and tends to lean before it hardens.
It's something I wouldn't worry about.

I'm sure others will have a more expert opinion/fact.

Good luck,

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