Figs on Long Island

brosenbauerMay 4, 2011

I bought a 3yo fig tree last year, got a lot of fruit from it. When i winterized it, I put it in the basement in a cool dark area and left it down there until 2 weeks ago. Even though it has been getting a lot f water and it has been warm the past weeks; it has not grown any leaves. Am I doing something wrong?


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Do you remember the variety you bought? You say cool dark area, is the area heated or unheated and what temperature is it down there? I only water my dormant potted trees once or max twice during their dormancy. All of my potted trees have figs/leaves on them. As a matter of fact they are all outside at this point. I ask so many questions because I am on Long Island also.


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I have 3 that broke dormancy weeks after my others, so it may be slow to break. I shuffled mine in and out for the last 4 weeks or so. I am in MA with a micro climate for the figs. It may just be slow to break.

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I don't remember what variety it is. The coolest it would get would be about 55 degrees. I only watered it once when it was dormant. I've recently seen new stubs on the tree so it appear to be growing, but still no leaves. I put it outside in the beginning of May. I keep waiting for it to bud.


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I have a negronne that is leafing out but others just have the buds that are slowly growing. Its just been too cold and overcast. Its just waking up slowly.

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