Hoop House Dimension Advice

thirsty_dirt_77(3a)June 6, 2014

This year to help protect my cabbage, cauliflower & broccoli from the pesky cabbage worms I want to put up a small hoop house around them.

I'm unsure of how big to make the hoop house. I have space to make it 32 - 36" wide but have no idea how tall it should be.

Any recommendation???

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I don't have one, but have often thought of making one. I use row cover to protect various plants from frost and would never use anything else again.

If you're in a windy location, I would imagine as close to the ground as possible. At my place there would be the possibility of it flying off to locations unknown :(

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It is very windy here and some of the summer storms can be severe.

Because of this, I have some big bug netting (1/4" holes) that I am going to use instead of the traditional row covers. I figure, and hope, that the wind with go through instead of pulling it off.... plus then its easier to water. :)

I just want to make sure I make it big enough to keep those stupid moths off the leaves....

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If I ever get around to making something, I'll likely use big long spikes to hold things down.

Would that work for you??

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I'll be able to hold it down... I've had lots of practice.... :)

I have a variety of options... maybe I'll do up a post about it once its up.

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I use Proteknet netting - its small holes don't let anything bigger than a flea beetle through. For your purposes, I suppose 14" netting would be just as good (and cheaper). You're right that the netting-type covers let the wind through and are much less likely to tear.

How tall depends on final plant height and whether you plan to weed by opening the sides, or by walking in. If you plan to stand up inside, it should be at least as tall as you.

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Oh goodness I definitely don't want it tall enough to walk in!!!

My netting is 7 feet wide so I think I will .use material 6 feet long to make the hoops and have it about 34 inches wide.... we measured and I think it gives me a height of about 30 inches... And then time will tell if its going to be tall enough....

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