Daconil vs Dithane M 45

frednumber3(9)January 12, 2010

Need advice, We all know the need for a fungicide down here. Need an opinion, Which is Your choice: Dithane M 45 or Daconil? Used mainly on tomatoes, cucumbers and roses. Also anyone got the answer to what fungicide to use while picking these? I run into trouble when I am harvesting and stop these applications. They both go to heck quick when I stop.

Thank You in advance. Fred

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I'm a rose gardener and don't know about veggies...but I do use fungicides and I NEVER have used Daconil. They say it has a tendency to burn when it gets too hot so I figured why take the chance?
I use Dithane all the time.

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I use Bayer 3 in 1 for my roses.... I have not noticed fungus on my few veggies, but use powdered sevin for bugs..... there is also " Organocide " liquid, it says can be used for both bugs and fungicide on both ornamentals and veggies, from Home Depot.. also there is " Neem Oil ", a broad-spectrum all purpose for veggies as well as ornamentals, also from H. D. ... sally

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Decided that I will alternate between the two. Went to the Florida Palmetto Southern Ag factory and it was easily 1/2 the price as the nurserys down here.
Dithane M 45 2 lb tub $22.72
Liquid ORN & Veg Fungicide with 12.9 % Daconil $10.73
Hydro 5-11-26 25lb $22.95
4 cf course Perlite $9.44
Gypsum powder 50 lb $9.26
I do believe 4 cf of vermiculite was about 11 bucks.

If your close by, this is were to save. Note if You call to get prices, they do not list products they do not make such as the perlite, vermiculite on the web site, ask. Cash and carry over the counter.
Excellent find, Thank You Norm 34, Fred

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Fred --- To answer your first question; you should only use Daconil until the fruiting plants start to flower. Then use something safer. The Dithane M-45 is OK to use anytime. That one is especially good for spraying mango and avocado trees.

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cjc45(9 Mount Dora FL)

Cinnamon works on orchids, haven't tried it on veggies.

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