Chico Strawberry, Strawberry Adriatic or JH Adriatic

Dennis AKA Snaglpus(8a)May 3, 2010

Good day, can some one of you fig experts shed some light on the difference of these 3 figs? Chico Strawberry, Strawberry Adriatic or JH Adriatic

Are they the same fig? I have several Strawberry cuttings that rooted after about 6 weeks in plastic bottles and placed in a container. They are growing strong but needed more heat in my opinion to push out buds, leafs and roots. According to Jon's website, Strawberry and Adriatic are the same, but what is a Chico Strawberry? It really confusing to me and Jon website just relates the 2 to itself. thanks in advance, Dennis

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A chico strawberry is not an adriatic or strawberry. Look up Sues post on a fig with lipstick. She posted pics of the chico.

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Dennis AKA Snaglpus(8a)

Jose, your ROCK! I followed your instructions and found Sue's thread. Heck it was Sue that sent me some Chico Strawberry cuttings a few months ago. And those cuttings are doing Great! I have another Strawberry fig purchased last year from eBay. It's about 24 inches tall. And a Chico Strawberry purchased on ebay last year also 20inches tall. They look the same to me; which is why I posted the question. I revisited Sue's web page and her mother tree is beautiful. Mine should look like that. Thanks Jose. cheers, Dennis

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Dennis:I have a Gardener friend,in North Jersey that also have a large collection of figs tree,more like a selection,because he just like me is allwayes looking for new better Varieties,and discards,varieties that did not performed well.
He Told me that JH Adriatic,is at this point his best tasting ,and producer fig.
I know how Honest this person is,so immediatelly I aquired,a dozen cuttings,from wich I managed to grow a few plants.
I am very anxious to taste this one myself.
I do have Adriatic from UC Davis,but it just do not want to grow here. It is 7 yrs old and still 0 inches high.! !!

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Dennis AKA Snaglpus(8a)

Herman2 I laughed so hard at your email! For a fig tree to be 7 years old and has not grown is strange. I've already placed my order to UC Davis for next year. They emailed me and thanked me for the order. But I don't remember if I added the Adriatic. I need to take a look at my order and resubmit if it's not on there.
I got one Strawberry and one Chico Strawberry growing side by side. They look the same. However, I'm going to wait till my Chico Strawberry cutting grow this year and see if all 3 are the same.
I owe sue some Lamperia cuttings but my Lamperia isn't 24 inches tall yet. But it does have 2 branches. I pinched the tip after the 6th leaf and it branched out. I've been pinching my trees for about a month now and it works great. The main branch has 3 figs on it and growing strong. I'm going to have to air layer the other branch and send it to Sue once it roots because I don't want her to wait till next year for cuttings. It was so nice for her to send me the cuttings and every cutting she sent has rooted and leafed out and growing strong. Thank you again Sue!

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Dennis:It is 0 inches Tall,because it doesn't matter how well I protect it,it dies to soil level every year,and every three yrs or so,I get a couple of ripe fruits,but that is it.
The Black Ischia is acting the same,and a few other varieties,most of them from UC Davis.
I have a new opinion about why,now after about 10 years growing cuttings from them.
I think,because it is so warm and ideal for fig in Central Ca,the plants of UCDAVIS,are losing,their resistance to cold,over the years.
So this reason,+ and the Fig mosaic,wich is prevalent in the orchard,makes them unsuitable for cold climates.
Most of their plants were started,in the year 1900,and so they had a long time in Ca,long enough to lose whatever adaptation,to cold they had.

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Dennis AKA Snaglpus(8a)

Ok, I understand now Herman. I think these figs need a lot of heat. Here is a picture of my Strawberry Fig:

And below is a picture of my Chico Strawberry fig. The leaf patterns are different.

Neither has fruit at the moment but I expect some to come soon. Those white disk you see are ant baits. They work pretty good. cheers, Dennis

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Hi Snaglpus,
nice pictures of fig plants.
Speaking of ants there is a product that works well for them called tanglefoot i use it and it also stops them im happy with that product i cant use the ant bait because of my 3 dogs.

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