All I think about is figs!

figeaterMay 21, 2010

This year I just want to get ONE ripe fig. That's all I ask. Last year was a disaster.

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yeah well I'm almost as bad, or maybe worse, except I'm married, so ummm.... my wife might have a slight problem with me making a statement such as "All I think about is figs", but I do think about them a lot. Except I know I won't be satisfied with one fig. No way Jose... I plan to eat as many as I can and I don't feel guilty about that either. That means getting them from other people's trees since mine are probably only going to produce maybe a few dozen.
Sounds like you should move south. There are several fig trees around town here (Phoenix) that nobody ever picks, the birds end up eating most of them and they fall on the ground. So finding ripe figs here is not hard at all. I wish I could send you my first fig that just ripened.

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When I get too many figs to eat I dehydrate them as they store better if you are going to can or make jams.

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