Help! Repot now or wait?

beckylc(zone 4)May 14, 2011

I intended to repot my two figs earlier into bigger pots, but wasn't able to get to it till now. They've been kept in an unheated garage over winter, we've had a cold spring, and they just started leafing out when we were gone a week ago. One has leaf buds about an inch long, the other, about a half inch. I just went out to get started on the repotting, but they both have little figs starting, too. One plant is about 10 years old and 4 feet tall, the other about 5 years old and 2 feet tall.

Will I lose the baby figs if I repot them now? If it's safe to do, should I try to bare-root them like I was intending, or just shave off the edges and repot? They're in a regular potting mix now, but I was going to repot with one of the pine bark mixes I read about here. Thanks for any advice.

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You can repot a fig tree (in a larger size pot) any time of the year. Couple of weeks ago I repotted over 10 fig trees in larger containers, most of them had figlets on them, non dropped.
Do not root prune them this time of the year. Root pruning is done around Jan and Feb. when the tree is in a quiescent stage.


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beckylc(zone 4)

Thanks for your help. If I'm just potting up and not root pruning, can I still use the new potting mix, or should I try to make the new soil similar to the old?

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Your new soil should be like the old soil. If you use a totally different soil for potting up, you will end up having problems in drainage.


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