top growth halted after pruning

fastred1(CA 10a / ss20)May 6, 2013

I purchased my first fig, a Black Mission, in Feb of this year and kept it in the 5 gallon pot. It is about 4 feet tall and grew vigorously from March 1 to the first week of April. At that point I pruned some of the interior to leave some nicely spaced lateral branches. I did not prune the central leader. I made maybe 4-5 total cuts.

I realize I should have waited to prune. When do other people in LA prune their figs? I've read a late spring (May?) and a later summer prune.

Once I pruned, the new green branches started to yellow and now, a month later, they are brown. The leaves look healthy. The one breba fig is dark and firm. It just looks like nothing is happening on the tree compared to such vigorous growth in March.

Did I mess something up or did my pruning stimulate root growth?

Thanks in advance for any information!

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fastred1(CA 10a / ss20)

Update: there is a new tiny fig growing. Just one.

Here are some pics from last week in case anyone can lend his or her expertise.

Thank you!

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fastred1(CA 10a / ss20)

Breba fig

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fastred1(CA 10a / ss20)

closeup of leaves and new fig at junction of new branch and old wood

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