Looking for Fig tree cutting

TkbikesMay 2, 2011

My fig tree died a few years back - it was very old, over 6 ft tall & I could not bury if for the winter due to a back injury. I would love to start a new one. Would anyone be willing to spare a cutting?

I would be happy to pay or trade something. I am in the Detroit area.



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Just registered with GW today asking for cuttings ?
Well to help here is a elderly man with an ailing wife that sells fig plants at a reasonable cost.
You can call him and if he does not answer call him back he may be out and about or taking care of his spouse.

This is the 2011 inventory of the trees that Mr. Robin has for sale. If you are looking for other varieties that is not listed on this list please just call and ask him. He does have some other varieties. Last weekend I met him at his house and bought few plants from him, all looking healthy and growing very well. While I was there I pulled out many of his trees out of the pot and inscpected their roots for RNK, I found NON.
I don't gain anything from his sale. He's wife Miss. Betty is really sick and his sale would him out a little.

Mr. James Robin's phone number: 337-407-0188.

White figs:

Condria/Verone hybrid
LSU Gold
LSU Hollier
LSU Everbearing
Italian Honey
Scott's yellow
Mary lane/Jelly (Seedless variety)
Verte/ Green Ischia

Black Figs:

Black Mission/Francascan/Mission
**LSU Yellow (Brandy)
Brown Turkey
Blue Celeste
Hardy Chicago
LSU Purple
Scott's Black

I believe he can ship to any states. If you have any questions please just give him a call, he is a pleasant person to talk to.

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That is so nice of you, Dieseler.
Fig elders deserve to be remembered at time of need.

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genecolin(Zone 9, LA)

Gee Martin, you were here in La. last week end. If I would have known that I might have made arrangements to meet up with you if that would have been alright with you. It would have been my pleasure to drive over and chat a while and meet you face to face.

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No no .
Sorry i was just copying and pasting what JR has from another posting.

I forgot to leave out the other part.

I never been to La.


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genecolin(Zone 9, LA)

Ok now I see, man I thought I had missed out on an opportunity to meet you. I agree with ottawan, nice to funnel what help we can to James aka JR. Miss Betty is on a downhill slide and poor JR isn't getting any younger to handle all that.

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jstall(8 N.E.TX)

Terri, I have some extra trees but they are small. I am not sure if I have anything that will do well in your area. If I do I will be glad to give you some. E-mail me, J.A.

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Hi Terri,
I'm from Clinton twp. Mi.Welcome to the forum.I can share cuttings with you in the fall.Here are some nurseries near by that carry figs.Joe randazzos nursery they have black mission,blackjack,brown turkey,and some white figs in five gallons for 39.99.Lowes on 15 n gratiot has hardy Chicago in one gallon for 9.98.Hessels greenhouse on 23 mile between Hayes and schonner they have celeste and brown turkey for 39.99 5 gallon big plants.Try also Tellys between 16 n 17mile an john r.Hope this helps.

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