fungicide use on fig cuttings

creekweb(6,7)May 7, 2010

It appears that the warm humid conditions that best favor propagation of figs from cuttings are the same that favor the growth of fungus, and I would think measures taken to kill or inhibit fungus would likely improve success rates. I see that several here have used chemicals like bleach or hydrogen peroxide in an effort to kill surface fungus, but I would think that this approach would have limitations, especially once leaves appear. I was wondering if anyone here has applied any of the fungicides specifically labeled for use on fruit trees to fig cuttings, and if so, what their observations have been.

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To answer your question.......yes, I have read quiet a few posts on this forum where different compounds and chemicals were used to fight mold. However, the best strategy it to prevent mold from occurring in the first place. It is not difficult to prevent mold problems if you follow good fig rooting procedures and proper cutting cleaning & storage methods.


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giants_2007(10 PSL FL Sal)

If you are talking about leaf rust that is different from mold I'm in FL and have had problems with rust last season and a copper fungicide seems to help. If this is the case Home depot or lowes should have it labeled as copper Fungicide or check with local nursery. I'm sure others will chime in i also heard of Bordeaux spray but not really sure what that is

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giants_2007(10 PSL FL Sal)
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