Fig tree not leafing out

dwarffigjimMay 15, 2011

Please help. Is fig tree dead?

I have a dwarf fig in a approx. 15 gallon clay pot.

This is the third year. I got beautiful leaves

first two years. First year one delicious breba,

and last year one tiny fig that didnt mature.

I pruned last Nov and covered with straw and

plastic cover. It does not have a single leaf.

But it is green when I scrape the branch.

Thank you very much. .

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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

By now it should start showing some life. Did you leave it in the pot outside all winter?


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Did you start to increase the water to the tree? Dig away from the base of the trunk and see if it has any shoots emerging from under the surface of the media could of died back to the ground level. Also if it has been in the pot for three years it needs to be root pruned.

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If its green just be patient. It hasn't been the best fig weather to date. We really need a stretch of 70 degree days.

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