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nirenjoshi(7b)May 13, 2013

I just bought a fig tree from Walmart. It is about 4 feet tall with 3 or 4 strong branches with several leaves. It is labeled as Celetial fig - I guess that would mean Celeste?
The tag labels it as 'Part Sun (3-6 hours)'. However, I am reading conflicting things on the internet. I am in Raleigh, Nc. Should I plant it in Full Sun or not? And how do I prepare the planting hole - what to add (the soil is mostly clay here)? Thanks for any advice.

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I grow a fig that is not in full sun. It is receives probably 6 hours of sunlight a day and grows fine. Break up the clay with compost - either homemade or bought.

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3-6 Hours in the deep south,like New Orleans,and south Texas,but full sun in the temperate climates of North east.
In NC,full sun is OK,to ripe fruits ,in good condition.
It is not only about growing the plant,it is about ripening the fruits,That is why it needs sun in the north.

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Thanks. I will put it in full sun then.

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